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By on Sep 23, 2019 in News

With regard to amenities, have you considered offering your residents access to credit building and protection from identity theft? These services can provide more value to your renters than you might have guessed.

Identity theft and fraud are estimated to impact five out of 10 Americans. For the majority of residents, rent is their largest monthly expense, and they work hard to meet it. Why not give them credit for that? Including on-time rent payments for inclusion in credit reporting can have significant credit score benefits over time.

What kind of protection is available?

When it comes to preventing identity theft, it’s important to be vigilant. Should your information be compromised, you must act quickly to either stop fraud in its tracks — or minimize the damage if an incident has already occurred.

Credit monitoring with real-time alerts via text or email, and public records surveillance to make sure your identity isn’t being used by a thief, are important services to look for to protect your sensitive personal and financial information.

Other services to consider include change of address monitoring to ensure your mail isn’t being fraudulently redirected, and lost wallet protection to get help with canceling credit cards and replacing the contents of a stolen or misplaced wallet.

How do I offer fraud protection to my residents?

Resident-Link* from Fraud Protection Network is an industry leader in providing residents with credit building and monitoring along with identity theft protection in a single product. The solution includes on-time rent payment reporting, identity and ID verification alerts, social security number and public records monitoring as well as credit monitoring services.

Ready to offer a great new amenity at your community? Property managers can offer residents a path to building better credit and peace of mind through Resident-Link.

*Currently available only in the U.S.