Simplified Claims

By on Jul 23, 2020 in News

Does the thought of Medicaid billing illicit groans from your staff? That’s understandable. Manual billing is time consuming, frustrating, and often riddled with errors.  Fortunately, you can boost staff morale and productivity with automated billing for Medicaid.

Claim submission woes can lead to high turnover

Medicaid provides consistent and vital funding for senior care. But the variables in filing processes and reimbursement can cause headaches for staff. Complicated filing practices can result in costly errors, wasted time, and delays in reimbursement. Those frustrations are just the beginning of more troubling issues.

As employee frustrations add up, turn over increases. High Speed Training of West Yorkshire reports on the top five reasons for high company turnover.  A lack of innovation and overworked employees are two factors that drive employees out the door. When companies fail to adapt innovative practices and technologies to support their staff, the staff suffers. Staff members are unnecessarily burdened with inefficient, redundant, unfulfilling work and stress. As a result, turnover rates soar, and organizations fail to reach their potential.

Simplifying Medicaid claim submissions

Claim submissions are a pain point that developers with Yardi Senior Living have heard about for years. A game-changing solution is now available. Yardi Claims Manager, the newest update to our Yardi Voyager Senior Housing platform, streamlines and simplifies the claims submission process. With Claims Manager, you can:

Get Organized Manage all Medicaid claims in a single, secure database. There is no need to shuffle between multiple software programs or websites.

Improve efficiency Electronic submissions eliminates the need to sort, scan, and house files. All documentation is securely stored in Yardi. It’s easy to create, submit, store, and reconcile files.

Improve accuracy State-specific billing templates make it easy to fill out claims with the information needed in your unique state. Staff can then perform submission pre-checks to catch errors early and submit claims electronically without the need for a clearinghouse. With improved accuracy, you’ll receive your reimbursement faster.

Reduce errors The average error rate for healthcare documentation is a startling 28%. Reduce errors by eliminating multiple points of data entry. Claims Manager uses real-time data to populate Medicaid forms, reducing repetitive and erroneous data entry.

Expedite Audits Keep full resident records for review or audit purposes. Claims Manager securely stores all resident qualifying conditions. You can also adjust your billing as needed by tracking leaves of absence within the system.

Current Yardi clients can learn more about Claims Manager through Client Central.

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