May Holidays

By on May 4, 2018 in News

The month of May has a ton of holidays. You don’t have to keep up with them all, but highlighting a few can be a rewarding way to engage residents. Here are a few May holiday ideas that can help to build loyalty and boost resident retention.

May 6, National Nurses Day

May 8, National Teachers Day

Cool Idea: Have resident nurses and teachers stop by the leasing office for a grab n’ go breakfast. Since both work long hours, foods that slowly release carbohydrates will be a huge win for them. Consider oatmeal, fresh fruit, green smoothie shots, and nut-based breakfast bars.

Above and Beyond: Nurses and teachers are on their feet all day. Offer relief by teaming up with a neighborhood spa to offer foot-friendly, sample-sized products with their morning goodie bags. Be sure to include business cards for the spa. The owner gets free marketing and you get to pamper your residents (read: build loyalty).

May 13, International Fair Trade Day

Cool Idea: Fair Trade products reinforce the importance of livable wages for workers. In your upcoming newsletter, include a list of local shops and restaurants that prioritize Fair Trade products. Everything from coffee to clothing and home décor can be sourced Fair Trade.

Above and Beyond: Make your list interactive! Throughout the month, set a table near a high-traffic area in the leasing office. Invite the Fair Trade-friendly businesses to contribute a product for sale or free samples. Circulate the products every few days so that multiple brands are represented. This approach draws residents to the leasing office to get the know the staff members—rather than only seeing them when there is a problem.

May 15, International Day of Families

Cool Idea: Consider hosting a raffle at your family-friendly property. Opt for prizes that encourage families to spend time together. Gift cards for restaurants, play centers, mini golf, skating rinks, and bowling work well for families.

Above and Beyond: While you could have families enter the raffle electronically or according to unit number, why not multitask? To earn tickets, have families donate non-perishable food items. Then send the donations to family shelters or service organizations in your area. Showing residents that you care about the community increases Millennials’ brand loyalty.

May 24, National Scavenger Hunt Day

Cool Idea: Your neighborhood can be one of your best-selling features. A scavenger hunt encourages residents to explore the area and build an appreciation for their neighborhood. Keep the scavenger hunt short and easy, maybe five items. Include local landmarks, local businesses, and greenspaces in the locations list. Gift certificates to a local business drive home the value that your location has to offer.

Above and Beyond: Host a kid-friendly scavenger hunt at the property—no transportation required. Keep the locations and details super simple. Limit the list to three to five items. Consider kid-friendly prizes that also market your property’s amenities. Think pool toys and toys that can be enjoyed with pets.

May 25, National Wine Day

Cool Idea: Every adult can use a care package now and then. Assemble a gift basket that includes wines, glasses, and charcuterie snacks. Incentivize Google and Facebook reviews for a chance to win the snazzy care package.

Above and Beyond: Put that community kitchen to good use by hosting a wine tasting. Conduct a drawing and select five couples. Invite a sommelier or knowledgeable representative from a local wine shop to give residents a tour of their most popular labels. Pair with charcuterie boards for a special touch.