Health Info on Demand

By on Mar 30, 2020 in News

Electronic health care records have been a staple of senior living for years now. They’re more efficient, fast and accurate than their paper-based counterparts, so it’s not hard to see why adoption has grown.

But along with this push for progress has come a new challenge. It’s called interoperability, and it’s a technological hurdle that’s only become more pressing in recent months.

Why senior living needs interoperability

Hospitals have EHR systems they use, and senior living providers have their own. But neither group of solutions were built to talk to one another, so they can’t share health data electronically. Crucial data like medications, allergies, symptoms or even care plans.

Instead, when a patient is discharged from a hospital to a senior living community, they’re often handed printed records in a binder. That information itself may be incomplete, so intake staff must then chase down the remaining details through phone, email or fax. This takes extra time and poses a risk for documentation errors that can hinder care.

Making every EHR system interoperable will go a long way towards streamlining these care transitions for the safety of patients. And that’s exactly what Kno2 hopes to accomplish.

Kno2 provides interoperability as a service to the post-acute care market. Their platform connects to the major health information networks — DirectTrust, Carequality and Commonwell — to enable a swift exchange of data between senior living providers and the rest of the care continuum.

Partners in care

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Kno2 to bring its interoperability service into Yardi EHR. Once the integration is complete, senior living providers will be able to electronically send and receive health data from within the solution. Information for incoming residents will populate Yardi EHR automatically, and care providers will also be able to query resident records as needed.

“Interoperability is a huge focus in the industry, now so more than ever. Senior living providers are taking extraordinary steps to address COVID-19. They need timely access to critical information,” said Ray Elliott, vice president of senior living for Yardi. “This partnership with Kno2 reflects our shared commitment to taking care of our clients as they care for their own.”

The Yardi EHR integration release is planned for Q3 2020, but in the meantime, you can sign up for Kno2’s free public offering in response to COVID-19. During the declared state of emergency, Kno2 is providing on-demand record retrieval at no charge to all health care providers not already connected to Carequality.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the importance of interoperability and the ease in which clinical information needs to be available to an entire healthcare community,” said Jon Elwell, chief executive officer of Kno2.

Visit the Kno2 COVID-19 site to sign up today for patient record access through their online portal. And if you have any questions about the upcoming Kno2 integration with Yardi EHR, you can contact us to learn more.