Future Workplaces

By on Sep 21, 2019 in News

Did you know that you and your tenants spend more than one third of your lifetime at work? That’s a lot of time spent indoors. As our “second place,” the physical workspace of the future must facilitate wellness, satisfaction, and retention. Built-in features can then complement tenants’ initiatives in those areas.

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Thought leader Brian Eichenseer, General Manager of Hines commercial real estate investment firm, explores how connectivity, flexibility, and sustainability equip future properties for success.

What do tenants want?

“Today’s work environment focuses on creating a harmonious blend of open and private spaces that both encourage interaction and provide place for solitary retreat, experiential moments that draw a connection to the surrounding community and a sense of place, and sustainable features reflective of the environmentally conscious generation joining the workforce,” explains Eichenseer.

That’s a tall order to fill. Creative developers are finding practical ways to deliver. Eichenseer addresses the key elements to fill that order: digital and physical connectivity, workplace flexibility and sustainability.

Physical and Technical Connectivity

Connectivity bears social and technological features. Socially, tenants seek spaces that are connected to the local community and provide staff with a sense of place and belonging, suggests Eichenseer. They desire shared spaces that encourage collaboration as well as private spaces that allow occupants to connect to their inner creativity and problem solving abilities.

Accessibility to mass transit makes the connection between home and “second place” more seamless, says Eichenseer. Building near interstate access has long had its appeal. Newer to the scene, especially in rural areas and the Southeast, is bike and pedestrian travel accommodations. To address the latter, developers are incorporating bike storage and locker facilities into new projects.

The big ticket item is internet connectivity. Tenants need to connect to their commercial property management software without hampering employee and guest accessibility to bandwidth. Leading developers focus on improved technology infrastructure that facilitates strong Wi-Fi access from anywhere in the building. Wired Certified Platinum accreditation is quickly becoming a sought-after feature for tenants.

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