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2024 PHA Forum Recap

By on Jun 5, 2024 in Events

The recent Yardi PHA Forum hosted over 600 guests from around the country in National Harbor, Maryland to discuss innovative solutions for subsidized housing. The event offered 64 interactive courses, covering almost every PHA-specific product in the Yardi suite.

The recent Yardi PHA Forum hosted over 600 guests from around the country in National Harbor, Maryland to discuss innovative solutions for subsidized housing.

This event had a great attendee turnout and featured numerous courses, networking opportunities and presentations from industry leaders. And it’s all thanks to you! Here are some key takeaways from this year’s Forum:

The PHA Forum offered dozens of courses, catering to diverse interests and needs. Among the most popular were ones focusing on financial management, compliance and advanced reporting techniques.

Here are the top classes from this year:

  1. Maximize Funding with VMS Reporting
  2. Online Briefing, RFTA & HAP Contracts
  3. HOTMA: All About Interims
  4. Correcting Ledgers and Subledgers: Best Practices
  5. PHA Rent & HAP Posting: Best Practices

If you missed out on these classes this year, many will be offered in August at YASC San Diego. Be sure to register today.

Innovative product demos at knowledge central

We loved delving into the software during our one-on-one training sessions. Sometimes, we underestimate the value of in person sessions, especially when learning about a brand-new product or service. Having an expert show you features in real time is truly a benefit and a reason the forum is so popular.

Networking events and socials

It’s not just about taking notes and learning! We hosted several networking events following the classes for attendees to debrief and socialize — including a rooftop cocktail event which overlooked the scenic and historic Potomac River.

And we can’t forget our very own Yardi Party. After a long day of classes, we hosted staff and attendees for a night of networking and dancing. The evening was filled with lively conversations, a photo booth, delicious food, and a vibrant dance floor — creating the perfect atmosphere for socializing and unwinding after a productive day.

Sharing in the Yardi Ambassador Program

Guests enjoyed chatting with Yardi’s Sean Geraghty at the ambassador booth to learn more about how they can get involved with The Ambassador Program.

This year’s Forum saw over 100 ambassador sign ups. Geraghty explained: “The program is designed for clients who aspire to be industry leaders, celebrate their successes and give credit to their teams.” 

This program is designed to be mutually beneficial: we gain valuable insights from their stories and clients have a platform for them to establish themselves as thought leaders.

Feedback from our clients

Our team was lucky enough to sit down with clients and learn about their experience with Yardi. We had some great conversations about why our clients love attending The Forum each year. We’re always striving to learn how we can help you innovate and grow. Here are a few of our favorite comments:

“My favorite thing about Yardi is the ability to manage all our daily business in one software. It just makes life that much easier.” – Weneisha Brand, Ann Arbor Housing Commission

“I am also excited to go to the class today on the Asset IQ Executive Dashboard. I have a manual dashboard that I have been keeping but if I can have that automated and put it into the system and pull the data from there. I am excited about that capability” – Carol Jones-Gilbert, Palm Beach County Housing Authority

“And so, as we became a Yardi, customer a few years ago, we have been really looking at the different platforms that you offer to make sure that we are working smarter, not harder.”” – Denita Bearden, Housing Authority of the Birmingham District

Summing it all up

What makes The Forum so special is the opportunity to build relationships. Meeting face-to-face with people who have supported you over the phone fosters even deeper connections. As Jeanette Porter, a senior manager at Yardi, explained:

“For me, The Forum is all about connecting with our clients and strengthening those bonds we’ve formed. It provides a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and learn about the future aspirations of our clients.”

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us at The Forum this year! Make sure to check out all the future Yardi events here.