Introducing Yardi Kube

By on Apr 17, 2019 in Coworking, News

The Yardi Kube booth at this week's GCUC event in Denver.

The Yardi Kube booth at this week’s GCUC event in Denver.

Yardi Kube™, a single platform solution for coworking and shared workspace operators, is now available. Introduced this week at the GCUC conference in Denver, Yardi Kube is designed to help coworking operators successfully grow their businesses, eliminate third party integrations, save time and offer competitive member services.

With the powerful Yardi Voyager property management platform as its foundation, Yardi Kube combines accounts payable, general ledger, merchant services and more in one easy-to-use technology suite.

Yardi Kube includes comprehensive accounting, online marketing integration and powerful reporting capabilities. Users will be able to easily report to owners and investors and market to new clients, all from within the platform. The member portal gives coworking members the ability to manage their profile, connect with other members, pay bills, purchase services and book space with one click. Yardi Kube can also handle management of Wi-Fi and VOIP systems.

“We chose Yardi Kube because of its robust capabilities to manage our businesses. The fact that Yardi was behind the development gave us confidence in its reliability and development path,” said Willie Gutierrez, COO and CFO of Premier Workspaces, a nationwide shared workspace provider.

“Yardi Kube is the long-awaited technology solution that will allow shared workspaces to scale and grow with ease,” said Dale Hersowitz, vice president of coworking at Yardi. “It maximizes efficiency, eliminates leakage and allows for real-time reporting, all in a single platform.”

GCUC, which concludes tomorrow, is the world’s largest coworking event, with conferences held in five continents. About 300 attendees convened in Colorado for the event.

At GCUC, the Yardi Kube team has been conducting demos of the new platform and sharing the product’s exciting features, including the accounting platform, internet listing service and prospect lifecycle tracking.

“We look forward to showing the extent of Yardi’s commitment to coworking, what the future looks like for Yardi Kube, and how the platform separates itself from the competition,” said Dale Hersowitz, vice president of coworking at Yardi.

GCUC attendees are invited to come by the Yardi Kube booth, #10-11, to see Yardi Kube in action.

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