Coworking Security

By on Nov 8, 2018 in Coworking, News

As the manager of a coworking space, you walk a fine line. Your site must offer security while helping members and guests feel welcome. The following seven tips promote digital and physical security without interrupting ease-of-use.

  1. Create a Warm, Automated Welcome

Automated attendance trackers deliver convenient yet controlled access to your shared workspace. Combine Kisi and KUBE door access systems to manage member and visitor logs as well as billing details.

There is no need to have users register and pay for common use areas in advance. Users pay as they go, minimizing cancellations and billing disputes. As an added convenience, any user with a mobile device can begin working automatically.

With access and billing aside, your reception staff can focus on welcoming clients, answering questions, and placemaking.

  1. Offer Private Wi-Fi

As an alternative to shared wi-fi networks, private networks provide excellent digital security. Each user receives a unique code that doesn’t overlap with fellow users’ access.

Consider linking access with membership. A single code issued to all members and guests does not provide the protection you need. Link access codes to users’ unique membership level as an additional layer of security. Have that code expire with the membership or expire after a certain duration of time for guests.

  1. Switch Up Guest Access

If individualized wi-fi credentials for guests seems tedious, consider a simple guest wi-fi network and password. For added security, update log-ins at least every quarter, if not every month.

  1. Encourage Privacy with Filters

Install an IP filtering system that can minimize undesirable data sharing and burdensome traffic loads.

Not all data theft occurs digitally. Applying privacy screen filters on your in-house computer monitors limits the access of wandering eyes.

  1. Benefit from Member Education

Education is key to risk mitigation. During new member registration, consider hosting an eLearning session that covers the basics of shared workspace security. A few minutes of educational training can drastically improve the security of your coworking space.

  1. Create Safe Spaces

Your 24-hr coworking spaces may benefit from code-accessed restrooms and kitchens. This feature is particularly important if the facilities are located near an entry point. Code access limits unwanted guests and interactions.

  1. Put the Office to Sleep

If your site in not open 24 hours, use a management platform or old-fashioned timer to shut off the wi-fi after-hours. This limits the amount of time malicious users may gain access your network.

As an added bonus, placing appliances and fixtures on a timer is a great way to cut costs on energy.

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