Corporate Housing

By on May 15, 2017 in News

Corporate travel has its perks. Thrilling locales, new experiences, and passport stamps are just a few takeaways from life on the road. Yet for traveling professionals with longer assignments, housing can be the least exciting part of the job. One company aims to improve corporate housing one unit at a time.

Seattle-based Synergy Global Housing specializes in a “left of center” approach to employee accommodations. The company garners feedbackBetter Corporate Housing Synergy Themed Housing from real traveling professionals in order to create temporary housing that feels like home—maybe even a bit better.

A new Synergy property in Paulo Alto combines several of the latest concepts from the company’s idea incubator:

Transport Made Easy

Synergy paired with PUBLIC boutique bike manufacturer in San Francisco to create the Gear Wall. Amongst custom storage compartments and living plants hangs a shiny red bike. It entices residents to take it out for a spin.

“It is our hope that these bikes also encourage guests to go outside of their apartment communities and see more of the world beyond their window view,” states the Synergy blog.

The bicycle fills multiple voids, allowing users to gain quick access to the workplace and local businesses while fitting in a quick workout. The slower mode of travel can help residents learn more about the neighborhood and improve integration.

Unique to You

Rather than a one-size-fits-all design scheme, Synergy Palo Alto units come with a variety of aesthetics from which to choose. Themes include, but are not limited to, vintage, contemporary, sporty, and elegant. Residents can choose the unit style that most closely appeals to their lifestyle.

The curated designs elevate housing standards beyond cookie-cutter hotels, helping travelers feel comfortable in their new space.

Family First

Better Corporate Housing Synergy Bike 2Time away from loved ones is often cited as one of the top personal challenges of traveling. Synergy has created a suite that is ideal for small families and groups. The larger layout includes a spacious master suite and closet along with a guest bedroom. Communal spaces offer ample seating, board games, and card games. Such features make this unit ideal for entertaining family, friends, and coworkers.

Fresh Air

In Palo Alto and beyond, Synergy Housing often selects locations that provide residents with access to green space. These parks are a great place to get a bit of fresh air, clear the mind, and engage in fun activities for exercise—all of which contribute to better health.

Synergy highlights nine properties with access to particularly great parks:

Fraser Suites of Sydney stands within a five-minute walk from Hype Park, the oldest and most distinguished park in the region. Visitors enjoy multiple footpaths, fountains, and shaded nooks for resting or reading.

River Oaks Park determined the location of Crescent Village, a Synergy community in San Jose. The dog-friendly park has several sprawling greens that are great for a pick-up game of soccer or Frisbee.

In Dublin, Leeson Street Apartments are a three-minute walk from St. Stephen’s Green, one of the largest parks in Dublin. First built in 1664, this park offers a wealth of local history as well as walking trails and public art.

Feedback Welcomed

Synergy Global Housing welcomes feedback from corporate travelers. It’s how they fuel the idea incubator that generates great new concepts for living quarters. Engage with Synergy via Facebook or LinkedIn.