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In our previous article link, IT specialist Linda Greenwaldt explained how CommonBond Communities implemented Yardi RentCafe for subsidized housing to improve efficiencies. Yardi eLearning helped the organization optimize their use of RentCafe. It is also the nonprofit’s go-to tool for employee education.

Linda Greenwaldt

The eLearning Solution

eLearning provides on-demand training through a convenient online platform. Administrators can choose between pre-written classes, customized classes, and any combination in between. The fully configurable courses offer quantifiable insight into employee learning and content retention.

“eLearning is perfect for rolling out RentCafe,” said Greenwaldt. “For introductions, this is perfect, perfect, perfect. During training, it has been great to prepare what onsite staff need to know, when they need to know it, without making them feel overwhelmed.”

“Most people only pick up 10 percent of information their first time through it,” shrugged Greenwaldt. “We structured [the courses] in a way where they can always go back and review it. The 10 percent that I tell people that they can’t forget is going to eLearning and retaking the class!”

Greenwaldt using eLearning to issue high-priority courses like Fair Housing first, followed by role-based learning for RentCafe and Yardi Voyager for PHA and Affordable housing.

Customized Learning

eLearning offers an extensive library of courses written by Yardi industry experts. Administrators are welcomed to use the courses as-is, but they are also encouraged and empowered to customize content.

“A lot of times, I’ll reach out and see what Yardi has and modify it or do something slightly different. It’s helpful because I can copy the class and add the CommonBond content,” said Greenwaldt.

Learning assessments promote information retention while helping leadership identify topics that need clarification or review.

Greenwald said, “I love the ability to throw in a test or quiz. I can force them to stay on a page or watch a video but I can’t force them to comprehend at the end. eLearning tests and quizzes allow me and the user to check for comprehension.”

The online learning platform has been beneficial for continuing education with existing employees as well. “We use it for everything, all of our practices. We’re rolling out Enter Lease Violations in Yardi. That’s a huge deal for our supportive services, the impact on residents, and how we help their outcomes. We’re entering those in Yardi and tracking them.”

Greenwaldt concludes, “I love eLearning. There is so much that you can do with it so it doesn’t get boring!”

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