Business Intelligence Tools

By on Jun 10, 2021 in News, Senior Living

How can business intelligence (BI) tools unlock the power of senior living? In collaboration with Yardi, Senior Housing News (SHN) assembled a brand-new white paper to help senior living providers examine the power of BI — and how to utilize it.

Here’s a look at what’s covered:

Intelligent Business: How Business Intelligence Tools Unlock the Power of Senior Living

There’s no questioning the value of good data. But when data is supplemented with digital tools to extract insights, that value grows exponentially. That’s where business intelligence comes in — an addition to your senior living software that helps your company go the extra mile.

And with Yardi Senior IQ, our BI solution, senior living providers uncover the insights needed to act confidently, save time and drive growth across communities.

At a glance, Senior IQ offers comprehensive analytics that import data from your communities, compiling it in easy-to-read graphs and tables. KPIs like occupancy rate and NOI are made readily available, along with additional metrics like resident count, marketing spend and conversion rate.

This white paper dives deeper into how — and why — BI solutions are important for senior living providers, now more than ever.

Key points include:

  • The transition toward data-driven business practices
  • An increasing need for accompanying technology & digital tools
  • Three types of data analytics & how they apply to senior housing
  • How Yardi Senior IQ yields better senior housing decisions
  • Testimonials from senior living leaders

To access the insights, read the full SHN business intelligence white paper. Interested in Yardi Senior IQ? Get in touch.