A Sense of Community

By on Nov 29, 2019 in News

Savvy property managers understand that a feeling of belonging created in a community of neighbors is priceless—especially for long-time renters—and can generate numerous benefits for residents and the property alike. Keys to Renter Retention Ways to Create Engagement with Residents

From creating an inclusive living environment for everyone to improving retention, there are many positive aspects to be gained from one simple concept: a sense of community. But, how can you build a community from scratch, and incorporate new residents along the way?

Observe the little things

A strong community is easy to spot. People smile more, neighbors greet each other and are more open. This often reflects the way the premises are kept: the shared space is clean, and residents are more inclined to clean up after themselves or pick up litter to keep things orderly. Conversely, if people don’t seem to spend time in common areas, and there is visible trash or property damage, it could be a sign that the community needs some TLC.

Get a different (social) perspective

The secret to a low renter turnover has an emotional dimension. Creating bonds and fostering a sense of camaraderie between renters and property management—as well as among renters themselves—is often overlooked. It all boils down to promoting the social side of the apartment community instead of seeing just the business side.

Seeing your property as more than just a physical space is a good start to put yourself in the renter’s shoes and understand why a sense of belonging weighs so heavily for many people. Always remember to ask for feedback and act on it accordingly.

Keep in touch digitally

Bulletin boards and community fliers are fine, but today’s renters need more than that to feel welcomed and wanted in a community. The answer to creating easy community engagement is simple: go digital. Renter experience platforms are a good way to keep in touch with residents of all ages all over the country. Let them know their opinions and requests are valid. Social media group chats are another handy way to get to know renters, observe them interacting, and inform them of any events while also tending to their needs quickly.

Get involved & show up

Building a community involves those who live in the development, as well as those who work there. High retention rates can be a product of an organized, close-knit community. The property manager is often seen as the leader of the community, so their involvement in events and activities is essential. Be friendly, and act as a liaison between tenants and other property personnel or maintenance crews. Most importantly, make your presence known on the property. Even if you live off of the premises or in the suburbs, make an effort to stop by the community events of your downtown Chicago apartments.

Host community events

Hosting events within the community is a great opportunity for neighbors to get acquainted. It’s also a good opportunity to show off the property amenities. Barbecues, morning coffee meet-ups, sports tournaments, watch parties for big sports games, and cook-offs are just a few ideas that can help foster communication between residents and property managers.

Developing a sense of community among residents will take time and effort. Every resident is different with unique interests and schedules; it’s the property manager’s job to consider these aspects when encouraging interaction and participation, but it will be worth it.