Easy Virtual Leasing

By on Jun 13, 2018 in Marketing

There are several reasons why a client may not be able to tour the property in person. Our increasingly mobile and digital industry makes remote tours an excellent alternative, yet it also requires that agents are ready to sell to a client, sight unseen.

The six tips below can make selling to remote clients easier and faster than ever.

  1. Master the Basics By now, you know that your website must have a virtual tour—or virtual reality tour—along with detailed a floor plan and a description of the condo. Make sure that all information is up-to-date. Even minor changes to appliances or fixtures may matter to a remote client. If any of those essential features are missing, get the tools you need for a better website.
  2. Request Client’s Must-Haves In Writing Let’s face it: you’re busy. A written list of your client’s must-haves, desires, and deal breakers is a cheat sheet for you. But most importantly, having a concrete list means that the remote buyer has a clear understanding of what he wants. This list will expedite the condo hunting process, especially if he can choose between several similar unit styles.
  3. FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom Tours with Clients The virtual tour on your website is the first step. A live video tour, however, gives the client greater control over what they see and how they see it. It’s like he gets to walk through the home himself. That greater control over the details will help the client feel more comfortable with the unit and ready to seal the deal.
  4. Send Listings with All the Local Details If your client has already said the school system, crime rate, or walkability score are important to her, why not email those details with the listings? Presenting a complete picture of the unit and neighborhood may save time.
  5. Consider Comfort Contingencies For a difficult-to-sell unit, closing the deal may require an agreement with contingencies. These terms would allow the remote client to terminate the contract if the home isn’t as promised. Since you’ve provided her with accurate information about the condo and neighborhood, the contingency is mostly to increase her comfort. Such contingencies may not be worthwhile for fast-selling neighborhoods.
  6. Embrace Paperless Processing Offer peace of mind while expediting and purchase process. With CondoCafe, submitting and receiving documents becomes a breeze. Online payments offer security, convenience, and traceability for remote buyers

What tips have made it easier for you to sell to remote clients?