Boost Leases

By on May 31, 2018 in Marketing

Emails can be valuable tools that convert prospects and build loyalty with existing residents. Below are seven emails that every leasing agent should send.

Emails for prospects

Prospects want to feel courted. They also expect information that anticipates their questions and interests. These three emails hit the spot, helping to forge the relationship between leasing agents and prospects.

  1. Automated (Yet Personalized) Introduction Email This important communication serves three purposes. It satisfies prospects’ expectation to receive prompt responses. Secondly, it lets prospects know that you received their inquiry or that you recall your encounter with them. Lastly, it gives them a way to contact you simply by responding to an email.
  2. Availability Updates Let your newly available units shine with a showcase email. Be sure to include high quality images and descriptions with plenty of personality. End each listing with a call to action such as “Schedule a Tour” or an option to see similar units.
  3. Just Leased Updates Remind your prospects that your property is a desirable place to live and that units are going fast! Consider including the number of days the unit was on the market, particularly if it’s less than three. This is a great incentive for prospects who are on the fence.

Emails for residents

Renewing a lease costs less than turning a unit, so use emails to build resident loyalty! These three emails reinforce the residents’ bond and promote higher occupancy.

  1. Property Newsletter Inform your residents of exciting value-add events for families and perks for pet owners. Such events keep your residents engaged in the community, which increases perceived value. The newsletter is also a fantastic way to notify residents of upcoming maintenance and upgrades to the property. Show your residents that you’re proactively invested in the quality of their homes.
  1. Thinking of You Take advantage of birthdays, move-in dates, and other special events to communicate with residents. Occasional, personalized emails can brighten residents’ day, increasing their satisfaction.
  2. Referral Incentives Welcome fresh leads by offering referral incentives for existing residents. Popular rewards include rent discounts, gift cards, and free parking. Get creative and offer items that residents crave.
  3. Performance Surveys Resident feedback can highlight areas where the staff and property shine. The survey also underscores opportunities for improvement. Don’t become dismayed by negative feedback. When addressed, those situations can encourage retention and new leases.

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