Spring Cleaning

By on May 2, 2018 in Marketing

It’s officially spring! (While it may not feel like spring in your part of the country just yet, rest assured, warm weather is coming!) This is the perfect time for quick, affordable property updates that will impress prospects and build loyalty with current residents. 

Website Update

Revisit your property’s marketing story. If you don’t have one, learn to tell a marketing story and then enhance your marketing story. Perhaps a component of your story has changed over time, such as the attributes of your biggest competition or the largest demographic in your community. Update your marketing strategy accordingly.

Freshen up your website with new, recent pictures of the property. This is the perfect time to do so with flowering trees in full bloom and new arrangements in the gardens. The bursts of color present a property that is cheerful and welcoming.

You’re regularly posting to your blog, right? If not, the start of a new season is a great time to initiate action. Check out our post on how to start a blog.

Spring Promotions for Prospects and Residents

Speak with your RENTmaximizer revenue manager to strategically plan incentives and promotions. Your dedicated revenue manager is an expert at pricing! The Yardi team can collaborate with your marketing and operations strategists to move stagnant units and keep new leads flowing.

Don’t forget to show love to your current residents, too! This may include something as significant as renewal incentives (win-win) or altruistic like free grab n’ go breakfasts or a coffee bar.

Site Upkeep

There are several ways to improve water efficiency at your multifamily property. Each has a different price point to match your budget. If you decide to tackle a project that passes savings to residents, you’re building loyalty and showing that you’re proactive.

Another proactive measure is to replace the HVAC filters (for units as well as public spaces) to protect inhabitants against allergens. Residents and employees will appreciate that you’re looking out for their health, further establishing loyalty.

Speak with your maintenance manager or landscaping team to ensure that sprinkler schedules match your current weather conditions. As the weather warms up, you will likely want to increase your watering schedule.

On that note, also have a thorough inspection of the watering system completed. Make sure that you won’t be watering sidewalks or parking spaces—a common error when a sprinkler head is damaged or aimed improperly.

Have the pool, its systems and accessories inspected. You don’t want to wait until the week the pool should open to discover that a pipe burst or a unit corroded during the winter!

Same goes for your playground, fountains, and other public spaces that your residents enjoy. Work with your maintenance team to ensure that all equipment is operational and ready for warm weather use.

Did we leave something off of the list? Share your property’s spring cleaning and upkeep tips below!