By on Apr 15, 2022 in Giving

Yardi received the below video from UNICEF Romania, which was recently the recipient of a portion of $1 million (U.S.) that the company contributed to efforts to support refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

“Let me start by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for your generous contribution. Your contribution to UNICEF, which will help children and refugees coming from Ukraine,” says Pieter Bult, UNICEF representative Romania, in the video.

Bult is speaking from one of UNICEF’s Romanian Blue Dot locations. Blue Dots offer integrated services in child friendly spaces with a focus on the most vulnerable refugees, as well as assistance with family reunification and communication, information/advice desks, dedicated mother and child areas, psychosocial aid, hygiene, first aid and more. Blankets, warm clothing, health and recreational kits along with hygiene products and baby food are available.

“The Blue Dot is one of our symbols of child protection response. In this Blue Dot, the main service that is provided is the registration of children and the care that children need upon arrival here,” said Bult. “This registration is critical also to identify the most vulnerable children, who need special attention and special protection. When they are registered, they will go where needed in the National Child Protection System.”

He continues: “There are other services here as well. Psychosocial services, to give attention to the stress that all the families are under, especially the children.” But the Blue Dots are also a refuge, a place where children can relax after their journey out of Ukraine and play with other kids, which is shown in the video. Meanwhile their mothers are receiving information about where to go next, including transportation and housing resources.

“This Blue Dot is a critical part of a safety net that UNICEF is establishing with the national and local authorities here in Romania. A safety net to protect children on the move,” said Bult. “This safety net doesn’t stop in Romania. This safety net extends into Moldova, into the other neighboring countries around Ukraine, and beyond. To make sure that wherever the children go, especially the most vulnerable .. we know that they end up in safe hands, well protected, for the time that they are away from their country.”

UNICEF in Romania has launched an online appeal to raise funds for children’s needs affected by conflict in Ukraine. Personal donations can be made here. A portal for corporate donations is also available.