Tarry House Inc.

By on Mar 19, 2024 in Giving

Yardi-supported nonprofit Tarry House Inc. was founded in 1967 in Akron, Ohio. Tarry House provides residential treatment and supported house services to adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses. It is currently updating the bedroom spaces at its main facility, turning two dorm spaces into single or double occupancy, improving clients’ quality of life. Tarry House also focuses on getting some staff involved with community leadership programs.

Tarry House has struggled the last several years due to the global pandemic, mainly securing and retaining qualified workers. Its focus has been ensuring its clients and staff are safe from the pandemic while competing with a three percent unemployment rate.

“Our administration team and our Board had been stressed for months. But when we received the very generous donation from Yardi, it really brightened our spirits,” said Michael Bullock, executive director for Tarry House.

Team Tarry House

One of Tarry House’s board members, who has served as a board member for many years, struggles with severe mental illness. After treatment in the state hospital, he graduated and became a client of Tarry House. He then graduated from Tarry House and secured his own apartment.

He managed his illness for many years and has been an invaluable member of Team Tarry House.

Volunteer Opportunities

Tarry House hopes to have a “Demolition and fence rebuilding party” this year at its main facility and will be recruiting volunteers. They also have their annual golf fundraiser, where they are looking for sponsors, participants, and volunteers. Those interested in volunteering, please contact Michael Bullock at [email protected].

Recovery from significant mental illness and addictions is possible. Tarry House has had great success in helping people get there, too, but kindness is key!

“We never know what people are going through. Our clients have an awful chronic illness that requires management every day. But our clients often say the stigma is even worse than the illness. People need acceptance and love,” expressed Bullock.

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