Positive Change

By on Dec 12, 2017 in Giving

What if you could help to end family homelessness? Not just through a single meal or a temporary residence but through a life-changing and habit-altering program for determined adults? Yardi employees in San Diego were able to do just that by volunteering with Solutions for Change.

Vista, California is home to Solutions for Change, one of the nation’s only full service programs to end homelessness. To date, the organization has empowered 850 families in the San Diego area including 2,200 children.

Solutions University is the key to the program’s long-term success. The university integrates affordable housing, job training, education, and wellness services. Participants work, pay rent, and attend educational classes that reinforce self-sufficiency.

In about 1,000 days, participants can complete the program and emerge ready to end homelessness in their families for good. It is an empowering and effective program that has changed lives since 1999.

Yardi participated in a home preparation project for Solutions University graduates. Before the official on-site project, Yardi San Diego team members prepared by collecting donations of much needed items. Cleaning supplies composed most of the donations as well as gift cards for additional home supplies. Team members also donated gift cards for the residents that would allow them to better equip their new apartments.

For the on-site event, Yardi employees Melissa Krautwald, Larry Galang, Karen Detmar, Kathy Bretado, Tyler Dalsted, Louie Arzaga, Melissa Krautwald, Jeremy Hoover and Dave Chmelka volunteered.

The team helped to “turn units” in preparation for two Solutions University families. Volunteers scrubbed bathrooms, mopped floors, and cleaned windows, walls, doors and door jams. Solutions for Change provided new dishware that the volunteers cleaned and stored. The units went from drab to fab in about three hours.

“It was powerful to see some of the families that are currently in Solutions for Change homes and the importance of the services provided by the organization. There is much more than housing provided. They work with the families in providing skills that will help them succeed,” says Bretado.

Additionally, Yardi corporate made a donation to Solutions for Change.

“Yardi encourages employees to give back to the community,” begins Bretado. “Helping to create a sense of home for members of the community is so important. Home is a safe haven where good memories are built. We take for granted the idea of brushing our teeth, showering being able to wash your hands. Home helps to stabilize, enforce good habits and encourages responsibility.”

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