Santa to the Sea

By on May 30, 2024 in Giving

The world’s largest Santa was saved from demolition in Carpenteria, California and moved to Oxnard, where this novel toy drive started in 2003.

Kids of Santa to the Sea

Santa to The Sea (STTS), a Yardi-supported nonprofit organization, makes a significant impact by providing toys to over 1,500 kids in Nyeland Acres, one of the most impoverished communities in California, and ensuring holiday dinners for the community families with turkeys. STTS aims to provide every kid in Nyeland Acres with a toy and families a celebratory dinner this holiday season. For some kids, this is the only gift they receive.

Yardi’s funding of Santa to The Sea guarantees a sense of joy and community and supports the development and well-being of kids through play. This recognition also teaches kids the value of giving back and empathy towards others.

“We are so grateful for your support and would love to see more Yardi team members at the race and toy giveaway,” said Suki Sir, fundraise and sponsorships for Santa to The Sea.

Kids of Santa to the Sea

Volunteer Opportunities

Santa to The Sea welcomes Yardi employees and other community members to get together for a run, walk, and crawl (diaper dash). Enjoy team building with inter-departmental challenges, throw the gauntlet down, and dress up fun!

“We want Team Yardi to know that the support you give to the community is vital. It bears repeating: Santa to The Sea and the Nyeland Acres community are grateful for your support. You are invited to come out to the world’s largest Santa and take a group photo! I know Santa personally…” expressed Sir.

Check out more photos of Santa to The Sea and a glimpse of the world’s largest Santa!

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