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By on Dec 8, 2018 in Giving

Looking for a way to get more involved with the local community? Move for Hunger is a nonprofit that connects you, your residents, and your local food bank.move for food nonprofit

Move for Hunger partners with the American Moving and Storage Association to get nonperishable food into the hands of those in need. Before relocating, residents coordinate with their moving company to deliver unwanted goods to local food banks.

To date, the organization has transported more than 11,479, 245 pounds of food to food banks. The donations created 9,566,038 meals for people facing food insecurity. You and your residents can get in on the giving!

Arranging a Move for Hunger Donation

Setting up a Move for Hunger donation is incredibly simple. First, residents must find a participating professional mover. There are more than 1,000 to choose from across the United States. (And since residents are relocating, anyway, this step is super practical.) The residents and the mover will set up their moving date. While the residents are packing their belongings, they set aside the nonperishable items that they’d like to donate. On the day of the move, the mover will transport the nonperishable food to the nearest local food bank.

Benefits for Residents

Residents are looking for a way to quickly and easily clean out their unit. Move for Hunger helps them do just that.
• All the food that they can’t eat before the move is relocated, rather than tossed in the trash. Donating the unwanted food requires no additional legwork for residents.
• The food pick-up may potentially minimize the cost of the move! By donating items in the fridge, pantry, and cabinets there will be fewer boxes to move while residents are being charged.

Benefits for You!

By promoting Move for Hunger, you’re doing multiple good things at once.
• You are pitching in to help community members in need.
• You’re showing residents that the relationship does not end simply because they’ve chosen to relocate. You’re leaving a positive impression by looking out for them all the way through move-out.
• You decrease the amount of food items left in the unit, resulting in units that are easier to turn and less conflict with former tenants after move-out.
• There will also be less stuff stacked around the community trash receptor after move-outs.

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