Our Big Kitchen

By on Jan 25, 2024 in Giving

Let’s journey to the land down under and introduce Our Big Kitchen (OBK), a Yardi-supported nonprofit that was founded in 2005 in Sydney, Australia. Our Big Kitchen is dedicated to community well-being through initiatives like providing nutritious meals, cooking classes and fostering connections.

“We strive to address food insecurity and promote sustainability, contributing positively to the community’s overall health,” said George Karounis, OBK operations manager.

Our Big Kitchen is working to expand its impact by aiming to enhance meal preparation efforts and ensure more individuals receive nutritious meals. In addition, OBK is committed to strengthening connections by collaborating and supporting more charities.

“Through these priorities, we strive to create a broader positive influence in our community and address pressing needs,” Karounis says.

Funding from Yardi helps enhance meal preparation and strengthens OBK’s partnerships with charities. The funds directly contribute to OBK’s mission of reaching more people in need and creating a more significant community impact.

“We’re thrilled and grateful for Yardi’s support. It energizes our mission and propels us towards making a greater impact in the community,” expressed Karounis.

Fostering Connections

Sarah and many of OBK’s clients faced loneliness and hunger. By joining OBK, her transformative journey brought her meals and a supportive community. In her journey, fostering connections and providing nourishment beyond the plate has been detrimental for her to achieve a healthy life.

Volunteer Opportunities

For those interested in learning more and volunteering at Our Big Kitchen, please feel free to reach out via email at [email protected]

Beyond Our Big Kitchen’s main activities, OBK caters to birthday parties and hosts “Cooking with Family” events. Join the fun for unique and meaningful experiences to support OBK’s community initiatives.

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