From Despair to Hope

By on Dec 22, 2018 in Giving

More than 85 million people worldwide have been made homeless by natural disaster and conflict. That’s more than every resident of California, Texas, South Carolina and North Carolina combined. ShelterBox offers survival tools for displaced families in their time of need.Yardi gives to nonprofit Shelterbox

ShelterBox: Transforming Despair into Hope
ShelterBox specializes in mobile shelters and supplies for emergency relief efforts. The UK-based organization has provided vital aid in 21 countries. In 2017, more than 162,000 people received ShelterBox assistance.

Each aid experience is customized for the needs of the recipients. Emergency packages may include tents, building supplies, fresh water, solar lights, mosquito nets, and blankets. School kits help to mend the learning gap caused when access to education is interrupted.

ShelterBox supplies empower recipients in a variety of ways:
• 82% of surveyed beneficiaries said that they felt safer in the shelter they repaired or rebuilt using aid provided by ShelterBox.
• 85% of surveyed beneficiaries agreed that receiving aid from ShelterBox meant they were warmer at night.
• 88% of surveyed beneficiaries said that they had more privacy for themselves and their family after they had received aid from ShelterBox.

Yardi + ShelterBox
ShelterBox USA recently hosted a Lunch & Learn session with corporate sponsor, Yardi. The Yardi Santa Barbara office broke the Lunch & Learn attendance record with 45 attendees.

Yardi corporate philanthropy with ShelterBox
Lunch and Learn featured a presentation by ShelterBox President Kerri Murray. Attendees received an overview of one of the organization’s popular innovations, The Standard Relief Tent. This waterproof tent protects its inhabitants from UV rays, winds up to 100kmh, and heavy rainfall. Inhabitants stay dry, even when exterior standing water levels reach up to six inches.

While keeping the elements out, the tent maintains comfortable conditions inside. A unique ventilation system creates a 10-degree temperature difference inside of the tent. In colder conditions, a winterized liner helps to protect inhabitants. Yardi employees were encouraged to tour a live setup of The Standard Relief Tent and its life-saving features.

Attendees also explored the Standard Box. A sample Standard Box includes many essentials to keep families healthy and safe during emergency situations: sleeping bags, water purification tablets, a 3-month supply of fresh water, cookware and utensils, a multi-fueled stove, flashlights, rope, ponchos, and a toolkit. The box itself can be used for storage or as a cot.

During the Lunch and Learn, Yardi received the 2017 Community Partner Award for its longtime support of ShelterBox USA. You, too, can join Yardi in supporting ShelterBox! Learn how you can get involved.