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Online fitness classes can be a lot of fun. As a yoga teacher, I can personally attest that online classes have helped people stay active through the ups and downs of recent months. One thing that students miss during online classes, though, is the ability to work out with friends. Burnalong solves this problem, and Yardi employees in North America can enroll for free!

What is Burnalong?

Burnalong is an online wellness platform with an array of health and fitness classes. There are 45 categories including popular favorites such as yoga, boxing, Pilates, self-defense and barre. There are also general categories like financial wellbeing, stress management and life coaching to help you feel your best. Explore thousands of videos by hundreds of unique instructors.

I really appreciate the inclusive class formatting in Burnalong. Users can filter class by special considerations such as diabetes, Fit Over 50, arthritis and adaptive workouts. The model students represent the spectrum of the population, which is rare among fitness platforms. (Some classes don’t have model students at all which is also great option.)

Get fit together even when you’re miles apart

Another thing that makes Burnalong unique is that it encourages participants to invite others to join in. Together, you can stream the class in sync and see one another. Exercise together and cheer for one another–or more realistically, you can build camaraderie by trash talking and encouraging healthy competition.

Yardi employees in North America can also add up to four family members at not cost. A family that shreds together, smiles together!

Getting started

Yardi employees in North American can register for a lunch and learn to get more information. When you’re ready to dive in, simply register online using your Yardi email (but not your Yardi password).

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