The Ultimate CRM for Multifamily

By on Apr 10, 2024 in Technology

What should your CRM system do for you? At Yardi, we should believe it should do, well, everything.

That’s why we’ve built one powerful solution that helps you seamlessly do it all — from managing leads to collecting rent payments — without breaking the bank or disrupting your workflow.

No matter your portfolio size, here are five reasons to consider one dashboard for all your property management needs.

1. You can do virtually anything from a single dashboard

When we said your property management software should let you do everything, we meant it. In one location, you can:

  • Gain full visibility into every prospect, applicant and resident workflow. See when a prospect has scheduled a tour, when an applicant completed their screening, when a resident has renewed their lease and more! Think of anything that’s related to the customer journey, and view it all in one, user-friendly screen.
  • Manage all transactions, interactions and relationships. In a connected platform, access communication records (emails, call transcripts, texts and chats) in one place. Cross-portfolio insights makes it easy to determine if a customer has resided at any of your properties in the past, giving you complete oversight.
  • And did we mention you can manage and streamline your AR/AP processes in the same system, too? This functionality leaves no gaps in your process and offers a comprehensive solution for all your operational needs.
  • Drive overall efficiency across your portfolio. Looking for a way to increase resident satisfaction, simplify onboarding and empower employees with more meaningful tasks? Streamline your processes by utilizing a single platform that enhances customer familiarity and navigation, reducing friction along the way.

2. User-friendly dashboards

If you haven’t heard already, we’ve made some major upgrades to our CRM’s user interface. Designed to prioritize the user experience, our new interface is sleek, intuitive and easy to use.

And in the same dashboard, you can access everything you need to manage… Everything. (We just really want to make that point clear).

But don’t take it from us, take it from Carrie Bakke, senior systems analyst at Cushman & Wakefield/The Lund Company who says, “Our teams really like how user-friendly Chat IQ and CRM IQ are. They like to see everything on one, user-friendly dashboard.”

Chat IQ is our AI assistant that answers an average of 92% of prospect questions without additional setup, and CRM IQ is our system that helps you manage prospects, residents and finances. This means that you can automatically answer questions 24/7 while having one place to manage all aspects of your customer relationships and property operations. This. Is. Huge!

Together, Chat IQ and CRM IQ is your go-to power duo for every aspect of your multifamily needs. You gotta love technology.

3. Implementation is easier than you think

When you switch to Yardi, we make the transitioning process easier than ever. We’ll provide you with an implementation team led by a dedicated project manager, ensuring a hands-free experience for you and your teams.

Here’s what Jason Gherardini, senior vice president of IT at Sares Regis Group had to say about our customer service: “Yardi is a big company but you still get personalized service, which is impressive. Yardi customer service is a partnership. They’re on top of it.”

4. Your tech spend will be lower

Upgrade your tech and lower your tech spend. Yes, it’s possible! When you work with a trusted provider, you eliminate unnecessary third-party fees and every other unwanted obstacle. We’d love to talk to you about how working with us can get you more out of your budget. 

5. Your data is seamlessly connected

With the power of a single solution, your data is updated in real time as your customers move along their rental journey — no more third-party logins, no additional apps, no hurdles that could potentially slow your teams or customers down.

This also means that your leasing agents won’t need to manually input property data or update customer information. Instead, they can use their time to handle high-priority tasks like providing face-to-face customer service.

Data connectivity is a key element when it comes to choosing property management software. Make sure that you’re choosing a system that enables a seamless journey from prospect to resident and empowers your teams to maximize their skills, rather than spending hours on repetitive tasks.

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