Small Acts of Kindness

By on Dec 21, 2021 in People

When we all commit acts of kindness, we can make the world a more compassionate and fun place. While massive feats of philanthropy are always welcome, sometimes it’s the small actions that can touch someone’s heart and improve their day.

Candice Spencer is a Yardi employee who has gained a reputation for being a team motivator through thoughtful acts of kindness.

Meet Candice

Spencer is a Yardi Matrix product specialist, CSD in Scottsdale. She educates clients on the functionalities of Matrix, drafts Matrix Agreements and supports the sales team.

“It’s a role with a lot of challenges and rewards,” she says. “We are constantly innovating to better serve our clients. Keeping abreast of our new feature enhancements can be challenging. But it’s worth it when a client is happy with the service we provide.”

Spencer is much appreciated around the office. In her nomination, a team member wrote, “In the mornings, Candice starts our Microsoft Teams chats with a good morning gif that makes us each smile. She keeps an ongoing list of movies and series to binge so that we all have something to talk about. She tells everyone goodnight along with cheering every sale that we process.” Those small acts create a supportive vibe amongst team members.

“A supportive environment helps us all thrive,” Spencer explains. “It’s a powerful feeling. Even in something so small as a quick shout out for each sale helps to boost morale. That could help brighten their day and motivate them. In this virtual setting, team camaraderie is so important to our excellence and well-being.”

In addition to being a supportive workplace, Spencer describes Yardi as a place of fun and integrity. Those characteristics are what led her to continue on with Yardi after the acquisition of Pierce-Eislen in 2013.

“It was a big shift, but I’m happy that I became a part of the Yardi family,” she says. “It truly does feel like a family now. We learn and grow together.”

Growing one step at a time

Outside of the office, Spencer balances her list of shows to binge-watch withreading, hiking and the occasional wine tasting. Hiking is a relatively new interest that has offered life lessons with every step.

“I think my recent hiking hobby has taught me endurance, patience and enjoying the beauty all around us in nature. All three have been critical in my role. Taking the extra care and time to pay attention to each detail has ensured accuracy and timeliness in my delivery,” she says.

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