Meeting Challenges

By on Nov 29, 2018 in People

Frankfurt, Germany-based Kintyre is a full-service real estate manager for investors in the German real estate market, offering property management, bookkeeping, leasing and tenant relations, and strategic asset management, among other services.

Kintyre manages a Germany-wide portfolio valued at over €1.4 billion, totalling 800,000 square metres. The retail subsector accounts for three quarter of its assets under management, with office comprising most of the remainder.

“We pride ourselves on having a team of experienced local property professionals, who have the ability to understand and deliver on our international investor’s expectations and requirements. We add value for our clients and partners through providing a fully integrated service platform, including all elements of the regular real estate management services, plus the addition of strategic retail concepts and design coordination, a strong leasing team, project management, and acquisitions and sales coordination,” says Adam Pearce, Kintyre’s managing partner.

With investment returns within the German real estate market remaining under ongoing pressure, due to the current peak pricing environment, the increased use of technology is one additional tool professional real estate managers are adopting to help ensure maximum efficiency within the management process, flowing through to a value add for investors.

Determined to be at the forefront of the digital revolution facing the global real estate sector, Kintyre upgraded its real estate management and accounting platform  to Yardi Voyager. The decision to adopt Yardi Voyager was influenced by  Kintyre’s requirements to have a single software solution that was able to operate across multiple jurisdictions and functions.

“Being able to meet client standards and regulatory needs in any jurisdiction added a huge amount of confidence in the services we provide. Yardi’s innovation is global in scope but the company also knows the needs of local markets. Having such a multi-dimensional platform has allowed us to further build credibility and confidence among our clients with regards to our reporting and financial control functions,” Pearce says.

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Kintyre’s decision to go forward with Yardi Voyager reflects the sense of purpose that defines Pearce’s own approach to business. “I’m driven by a passion for any challenge, no matter how big or how small, and seeking out the win/win solutions for both our clients and our business. It’s exciting to take an entrepreneurial approach to a challenge and turn new opportunities into extremely successful partnerships,” he says. “Yardi’s core values match ours and the approach we take to our business: striving to be dynamic, marketing-leading and cutting-edge. I sincerely believe that if you work with like-minded organisations and people, you’ll be able to deliver best-in-class services to your clients.”

It’s a dynamic and challenging time for the  retail investment sector, with the bricks-and-mortar environment feeling the heat the most, and with these challenging times comes the requirement forproperty owner and manager to be equally as dynamic and flexible.

“Those who bring the primary skills of creativity and flexibility to the table are best equipped to weather the storm. Also, there are exciting new opportunities to take a fresh look at the whole shopping centre experience. The brave can take a whole different approach with this asset class and make something new of it,” Pearce says.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Yardi to further enhance and support the continued evolution of property and investment management technology. More specifically, we are excited to join Yardi in developing and optimising solutions for the German market,” Pearce says.