Meet Nicole Graham

By on Feb 18, 2020 in People

How do you efficiently run an affordable assisted living community? We spoke with Nicole Graham to get the answers.

Nicole is a licensed administrator for Nevada HAND, the largest nonprofit for affordable housing in the state. They’ve helped thousands find a place to call home – including older adults. Nevada HAND owns and operates two affordable assisted living communities in Las Vegas under the Silver Sky brand. Nicole’s in charge of their location at Deer Springs.

Nicole revealed how they grow their community, connect with family members and provide the best possible care for residents through the Yardi Senior Living Suite. We’ve transcribed a few highlights from the interview here, but be sure to catch the video below too.

Q: What Yardi products have been most transformative for you and why?

We have definitely enjoyed Yardi EHR and Senior CRM. On the marketing side, it’s about knowing where our prospects are coming from and if we want to go back to that market area. But then once they are a prospect in the lead database, it goes all the way through the workflow on to the care side with EHR. Just being able to visually see that whole process has been really great.

Q: How does your team maximize lead conversion with Senior CRM?

Because you’re able to see the reports and analytics in Senior CRM, we know how long each lead takes and why they might not have moved in. We understand where we are at with that prospect. Are they in rehab? Are they still at home making the decision? Are they over resource because of our affordability and our income limits? Or are they waiting on other resources because they need to make the rent limit? So knowing those lead conversion details has been valuable.

Q: How do you create positive relationships with prospects?

Senior CRM helps us hold not only data points but also hobbies. It’s creating those different connections that allow us as marketers to make that warm, inviting contact, finally, when residents do move in. If they had a dog named Fluffy, we put that into CRM. If they are a war veteran, CRM holds that. So even if you do have a change in staff, the data stays there. That’s an amazing piece, knowing that information can be entered, and then it also connects to EHR. It’s all tied together.

Q: Do you use Senior CRM or EHR on mobile devices?

We do utilize EHR on tablets for our wellness department. Tasks are completed on a tablet for day-to-day resident care needs. The caregiver comes in knowing what’s expected for Sally Sue. They know what to do for her and will check it off. It really helps them plan their day. It helps them know who’s going to be doing what so there isn’t overlap. It’s a great organization piece for us.

Q: How do you facilitate online services for your community?

The online portal with RENTCafé Senior Living has been great for family, staff and residents. It’s been easy for families to come in, and we show them how to utilize the portal, pay the rent and do work orders. It allows the maintenance individual to get requests in real time on his phone as well. We see it on our end as an administrator, and so does maintenance.

Q: Have the online payments made things more efficient for you staff?

The online payments are tremendously helpful. Life happens. Life gets busy. Rent’s due at a certain time, but maybe the family goes out of town. “I can’t get you a check by XYZ date.” No worries – go online, and it’s able to get there. They don’t have to worry about a late fee. They don’t have to worry about a stamp and postage. It simplifies things for families.

Q: How’s your partnership with Yardi been?

Nevada HAND senior living and Yardi have a great partnership. Anytime staff call, we’re able to get feedback to Yardi right away. They tell us what we need to hear. We work through workflows to help make challenges go away. The customer service is truly top-notch, something I’ve never seen. They’ve been very supportive for us. It allows us to provide the best care for residents and their families.

Q: What one word defines your organization’s relationship to residents?

The one word would be home.

Watch Nicole share her thoughts and experience in the clip below. Eager for more? Visit the Yardi Resources page to hear extra insights from Nicole and other leaders in senior living.