Meet Dennis McCarthy

By on Jun 20, 2019 in People

You may have a bit in common with Dennis McCarthy, chief information officer at SRI Management of Tallahassee, Florida. Like Dennis, maybe you were signed by the Detroit Tigers back in the ‘70s. No? Maybe your organization is facing growth? That’s more like it.

McCarthy’s senior living management company is expected to double in size in the next two years. He and his team searched the globe to find software that would ease growing pains. SRI Management found success using Yardi EHR and Yardi eMAR.

We sat down with McCarthy to learn how EHR and eMAR have made it easier to do business while quickly growing.

Q: How did Yardi’s technology help you accomplish growth?

A: Yardi’s technology has been phenomenal. It’s an integrated piece of software that anybody can see anywhere. As we’ve spread out, as SRI management has spread from one location to another, as we’ve had to add people to help us run all of these properties, it’s easy for people to see everything that’s going on because they can log in anywhere and see it anywhere. So, the standardization that we get from the software helps us grow easily and confidently.

Q: How has technology impacted your world?

A: Interestingly, our world is not a technology world. SRI is a management company that runs properties for owners, so we don’t really focus on the technology as much as we focus on the people. What the technology does is make it much easier for us to focus on taking care of people. It just makes SRI Management a much more efficient company because we have the background of the technology behind us to do our jobs as easily as possible.

Q: What is the value that Yardi provides to you, your team, and organization?

A: Confidence as much as anything. We’re very, very confident in the ability of the software to do what we need it to do. No two management companies are alike. We want to do things the way we want to do things. We believe in our level of quality. And we believe that we can go to Yardi software and make it do what we wanted to do, to treat people the way we want to treat them, to take care of our residents the way we want to take care of them. Value? That’s almost something you can’t put a number on, to be able to do what we want to do the way we want to do it because the software supports that.

Q: How does EHR help with managing medications and mitigating risk?

A: Medication management is a huge issue for anybody that passes meds. To keep the risk at a minimum, the biggest thing you can do is very correctly and accurately document exactly what you’re passing, when you’re passing it. EHR and eMAR really don’t let you off the hook there. […] There’s a lot of guesswork that is taken out of the entire process. It’s in black and white. It is system documented. It is time and date stamped every time they do something, and it just makes everybody a lot more comfortable and makes everybody a lot more proficient at their job.

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