Meet Delicia Miller

By on Jan 4, 2019 in People

Our first Yardi employee profile for 2019 highlights Delicia Miller. Delicia works in the Atlanta area and is a senior technical account manager on the VENDORCafé support team. She’s got a down-to-earth look on life and a lot of history with VENDORCafé.

How long have you been at Yardi?

I have been with Yardi since January of 2017, but I worked in the apartment management industry for 17 years prior to coming on board. In fact, I was on a client team that went live with VENDORCafé on day one in May of 2014. As an early adopter, I was quick to appreciate the value of VENDORCafé and was thrilled to join such a great team when I got my job with Yardi.

What hobbies do you enjoy?

I absolutely love reading. I have always gotten lost in books. I just started using a Kindle, which I’m beginning to appreciate. I don’t deny the convenience of digital books, but I admit I sometimes miss the feel of the real book pages. I also enjoy spending any free time with my husband, son and our friends.

How long have you been supporting VENDORCafé clients?

Since my very first day at Yardi! My first client went live three months after I started, which felt like a nice accomplishment. When I joined Yardi, VENDORCafé was growing quickly. Our team worked very well together both in support of current clients and also in implementing the fast-growing list of new clients. It was an exciting time.

What are the biggest vendor management challenges?

The top challenges I see are document collection and workflow automation. Property managers are required to collect a lot of documentation from vendors. Centralizing those documents with automated, paperless processes makes vendor onboarding and management infinitely easier. With VENDORCafé, vendors can digitally input their profile information, generate an electronic W-9 and upload other documents such as certificates of insurance and vendor agreements.

What VENDORCafé benefit saves the most time for property managers and vendors?

Real-time integration with Voyager is key. Vendors can log in at any time to manage their profile, upload documents, submit an invoice, check on payments, view work orders and more. Everything they see syncs with our clients’ Voyager database in real time. Those efficiencies help vendors free staff resources to complete other work. I wonder now how any property manager or vendor could live without real-time access to all that information.

What’s a benefit of VENDORCafé that property managers may be surprised to see?

Many clients may not realize that VENDORCafé now has a support team specifically for vendors. They are based in Irving, Texas, and vendors can use their support services via email or phone. Vendor-specific support benefits property managers because it makes onboarding so much smoother. Our team has the expertise to quickly solve issues for vendors. I’ve even heard that an online chat support feature for vendors is coming in 2019. How cool is that?

How do you approach the new year? Any resolutions?

I’ve come to accept that New Year’s resolutions are not my thing. In the past, I would start strong on a resolution and then would inevitably get discouraged when life happened. I was forgetting that life happening was the real goal. Now I just try to live life to the fullest. I love to eat good food and drink good wine. I hate exercise and I do not feel bad about it. I make mistakes and get down, but I always get up and do it again and try to do it better. The most important goal I have now is to work with my husband to raise our teenage son into a productive, successful member of society who lives life to the fullest and gives all of himself to everything he does.