March for Meals

By on Apr 23, 2019 in Giving, People

Food insecurity affects one in every six seniors in Idaho. This vulnerable population relies on local aid to stay healthy. Yardi Boise teamed up with Metro Meals on Wheels and the community of Treasure Valley to combat hunger among seniors.

Meals on Wheels

Team Yardi Boise at the March for Meals

In America, more than 9 million elderly adults struggle with food insecurity. About 6.9 million seniors live in poverty with incomes of less than $228 each week. About one in every four seniors lives alone with one in five reporting feelings of loneliness. When seniors lack adequate nutrition and face loneliness, their mental and physical health suffer.

Meals on Wheels is a federally supported organization that combats hunger and loneliness. Its volunteers deliver life-saving to 2.4 million seniors nationwide.

The capstone service is meal delivery, in which seniors and other people with limited mobility receive fresh food delivered to their doors. Volunteers deliver 225 million meals each year. During deliveries, Meals on Wheels also conducts welfare checks. Representatives asses seniors’ personal wellbeing and living conditions. Through these services, seniors are better able to remain independent while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Meals on Wheels has also expanded its services to house pets. Seniors that struggle to feed themselves often lack the means to feed their furry friends. Supporters can make donations towards pet food so that no one is hungry or alone.

The local chapter, Metro Meals on Wheels, addresses the needs of seniors in metropolitan Boise. Volunteers assist approximately 1,000 seniors every weekday and 700 seniors on weekends.

Although Meals on Wheels receives federal support, it is severely underfunded. More than 80 percent of low-income and food insecure seniors do not receive the home delivered meals that they need. To raise money, Metro Meals on Wheels partnered with Blue Cross of Idaho to host March for Meals.

Yardi + March for Meals

The 2019 March for Meals took place at Kleiner Park in Meridian. More than 1,000 people attended the event, including six Yardi employees and their families. This was the largest March for Wheels on record!

The sun shone brightly as marchers made their way around the local pond. It was only a third of a mile, but it was enough time to turn strangers into friends. Most participants lingered after the march ended. They chatted as youth played in the Kleiner Park playground and fields.

The community raised $5,000 to support their seniors in need. The funds will help to purchase food, supplies, and transportation for Meals on Wheels programming.

“I think what it really means, just within the Meals on Wheels family, is that our community is so generous and so supportive of our seniors. It just means more money for our seniors and the program that we have the privilege of being involved in every single day,” said Grant Jones from Metro Meals on Wheels in an interview with KIVI Boise.

Yardi is a proud supporter of Metro Meals on Wheels. You can be, too! Make a donation today.

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