Lofts at Perimeter Center

By on Nov 9, 2012 in People

Lofts At Perimeter CenterThe evening of the photo shoot could not have been more perfect if it were Photoshopped: bright blue skies, golden sun, and a crisp breeze signaled the official arrival of autumn in southeast. The photography team easily made our way to The Lofts at Perimeter Center, a Worthing Company property conveniently located at the junction between I-285 and GA 400.

The Lofts rest just moments from the buzzing shopping malls and fine dining of one of Atlanta’s hottest extensions. Tucked away in a green residential enclave, the community balances a hip, urban vibe with natural beauty. Lush, vibrant landscaping complements the community’s sleek contemporary architecture. It looked like it would be a fun place to call home, a little oasis in the bustle of the city.

Inside, the clubhouse hopped with residents. A group jogged together on the treadmills in the upstairs gym. Two young ladies worked at the computer stations near the community lounge. Unlike many clubhouses that prove to be a selling point more than an actual place to congregate, The Lofts residents take advantage of the amenities and social atmosphere. It’s no surprise, really. The upscale décor of the clubhouse transforms the space into a lounge that’s perfect for gathering with friends. Upbeat music and friendly staff added to the relaxed, club-style atmosphere.

Yardi Systems photographer Nicole Goodness-Landfried and I were soon greeted by Leigh Scofield and Judy Allen, Worthing Company property managers. Both ensured that we had everything we needed to get started. They also accommodated our models, residents of The Lofts, who were excited to get started—dolled up and glamorous with bright smiles to boot—but they were a bit camera shy. “Anyone up for some wine?” Judy asked. There were a few sheepish smiles before the unanimous “yes!” from our resident models. Laughter ensued. The mood immediately relaxed and the good times began to flow.

On the sundeck, residents and staff reclined by the pool to catch up on the latest activities: college reunions, travels abroad, and funny pet stories kept the atmosphere light and energetic. Coco Chanel, our adorable Shih Tzu model, became quite popular. She made new friends with the other residents without straying far from her doting mother.

After spotting the picture perfect community kitchen and bar, we knew we would move the shoot indoors for a while.  With custom cabinetry, sleek granite countertops, and high-end finishes the bar felt like the VIP area of a nightclub. The Lofts staff and residents settled in effortlessly, mingling with a nearly endless supply of humorous anecdotes.

Before we knew it, we were pushing 8:00pm. The photography team offered apologies but they were easily deflected by the models. “We were having fun!” one resident, Julianna, shrugged with a wave of her hand. Her companions agreed. The group finished up their stories before heading out together for pizza.

“The people change everything,” Nicole reflected as we loaded the trunk of the car. “The staff was so accommodating. Nice people in a great atmosphere just make the shoot more fun. I wish all my photo shoots were like this one.”

“I wish my apartment was like this one!” I added. We both nodded, glancing back at the leasing office. Once you visit a place like The Lofts at Perimeter Center, it’s easy to envision yourself living there.