Fostering Leadership

By on Sep 9, 2020 in Global, People

Like many engineering students, Neharika Jha wasn’t completely sure about her concentration. At the time, she chose computer science engineering. “Not paying too much attention to computer courses taught in school didn’t help initially,” she laughs. But with time, Neharika realized how computer science solved a variety of real-life consumer and business problems.

Neharika Jha

Neharika Jha

“I realized the positive impact I could have with my learned skills,” she says. “A smartphone today is a million times faster and more efficient than the computers used for the Apollo 11 mission, enabling our first step onto the surface of the moon. This thought of connecting present with past and wondering where it would take us in the future keeps me very excited about the path ahead.”

Her knowledge of the computer sciences helped her land a job, but her leadership skills have helped her forge a career and create a legacy at Yardi.

Helping clients prepare for the future

Neharika joined Yardi immediately after receiving her degree from Pune University. It was 2008, the peak of the financial crisis, and she considered herself fortunate to secure employment. A software company that hired during a recession bode well for her and the organization.

“I believed that the company must have very sound fundamentals to be recruiting in those times,” she recalls. “And 11 years later, I can’t thank Yardi enough for the opportunity to join this wonderful organization and be a part of its growth both as a contributor and a beneficiary.”

Neharika is currently a manager for an International Practice Global Solutions team. The unit builds, manages and strengthens Yardi’s relationship with some of its biggest clients including Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE and Prologis to name a few.

“As a team, we promote the continuity of the clients’ businesses which depend significantly on Yardi products and services for their daily operations. As a proud manager of my fantastic team, I always strive to make our work environment a space to learn, grow, contribute and collaborate with each other,” says Neharika.

Leaders forming leaders

Around the office, Neharika is described as an “intelligent leader who dedicates her time to training and empowering her team.” Those traits were instilled during childhood, reflects Neharika.

She says, “I do believe leadership is inculcated in us from our childhood. Even though coming for a modest background, my parents always encouraged me and my siblings to aim high and make efforts to fulfill our dreams. They encouraged us to take initiative. They taught us to assess, evaluate, and learn from mistakes, and how to keep growing as a person. More importantly, they taught me to be kind, loving and respectful towards others irrespective of where they came from and what work they did.”

Additionally, Neharika has learned from other managers and mentors who led by example. In particular, she learned the importance of empowering team members and helping them develop a sense of ownership. She also observed how her mentors were willing to learn from peers as well as junior team members. She has integrated those habits into her leadership approach.

“Yardi is a highly energetic and collaborative workplace,” she adds. “It’s exciting to be part of a positive work environment that’s bustling with energy. The combination of energy and collaboration has helped us continuously evolve in accordance with challenges like COVID-19. This attitude to make continuous improvements and not settling for the status quo drives our organization to pursue excellence at all times.”

Work-life balance with Yardi

Neharika is an outdoor loving person. She grew up playing outside, participating in badminton matches and cycling with friends. Recently, she’s taken up camping. It’s a different approach to nourishing her body and balancing her energy.

“I feel like camping is a great technology detox. Upon returning to work, I almost feel as rejuvenated as a freshly rebooted system–how ironical!” she laughs. “More importantly, it makes me aware of the gorgeous mother nature around us. Camping inspires me to make changes in my life and to make a positive impact on our environment. It’s an amazing realization that we can survive on so much less than what we have.”

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