Why You Don’t Want to Miss AIM

By on Mar 26, 2012 in News

AIM Conference in April 2012The Apartment Internet Marketing conference takes place in Phoenix, Arizona April 25 – 27 and if you’ve been thinking ahead you’re already registered.  But perhaps youthink your marketing is already fairly successful and there’s nothing going down at AIM that you couldn’t learn with a little time online. Well, consider:

Google’s Head of Real Estate is attending.  Fact: Google is the internet giant. As one of the only internet companies that is as popular in the US as it is around the world, they are obviously doing something right. Missing an opportunity to sit in a room and hear what their master of real estate has to say will put you behind. It might not be that big of a deal though, I’m sure not all of your competitors will attend, right?

A Yelp VP is attending to sit on the Ratings & Reviews panel.  As Chris Wood so eloquently put it, “the multifamily industry has been wrestling with ratings and review sites for some time.” Yelp hasn’t; they’ve been mastering it.   In the last few years, social networking and marketing have become almost indistinguishable from each other – a major change. Google has rebuilt their search function around this, Facebook has changed their ad strategy, and your clients are leading the charge on sites like ApartmentRatings and RentAdvisor (recently renamed, formerly RentWiki). It’s time to embrace the change and who better to learn from than the experts?

DanceThere’s going to be one heck of a dance party. You read it right. For the first time ever the AIM team has planned an evening event and Yardi is hosting it.  What do we know about hosting a party?  Quite a bit, actually. We have our own team of event professionals and they’ve been working round the clock with Steve’s event staff to make sure this sets the standard for all AIM conferences to come.  Be sure to pack your boogie shoes!

So could missing AIM be bad for business? Don’t wait to find out.  Register for AIM 2012 – Customer First today.