What Renters Want

By on Apr 25, 2014 in News

Builders, market analysts, corporate bloggers—everyone wants to know what renters want in order to earn their business. For residents of military housing, the list goes beyond granite counter tops and a great community pool. Military families have unique concerns that create  a tall order to fill for builders of new military housing. It’s an even bigger challenge for those 1-shutterstock_132733418who hope to make existing properties more appealing. Properties that manage to supply what military families want, however, will enjoy happy and cooperative tenants for years to come.

  1. Proximity to a Major Airport Proximity to a major airport makes flight arrangements and travel times more convenient for service members. Nearby airports also make travel easier for visiting family members and friends. Sitting on a plane for 16 hours feels worse when you have to drive several hours to get home afterwards. We have a few smaller airports nearby but the flights are more expensive and inconsistent.” Jerrod M. (Fort Benning)
  2. Built-in Storage “Small closets, small dressers—with a family, there is rarely enough storage for seasonal items, sports equipment and stuff. We end up buying dressers. Then we have to sell them or give them away when we move. It’s a waste of time and money,” says Laura B. (Austin)
  3. Improved Security When a family member is away in service, the last thing he or she needs to worry about is the safety of family members back home. Kristin F. opted to live in a civilian neighborhood because of its safer reputation, “We have had our homes broken into in our last two duty stations and lost many irreplaceable and valuable items.” (Southern Pines)
  4. Proximity to Entertainment Wherever there are young adults, there is a need for entertainment. Young adults crave interactive activities and places to meet people, especially people not in the military. “In service, we’re all one big family. But everyone needs a break from family now and then.” Cherilynn S. (Fort Gordon)
  5. Proximity to Family Activities Many stations are secluded for good reasons. Unfortunately, the relatively remote locations can leave young kids in a bind. Without early learning centers, theme parks, skate parks, and other youth-friendly resources nearby, parents feel that their kids are missing out on part of the American experience.
  6. Privacy Fences Private play space for families and pets can be enough to lure families to civilian neighborhoods. Kristin F., “We want our home to have a yard large enough to accommodate our dog. For us, a yard gives our pet a better quality of life and makes it easier for us to care for her. It’s worth the extra money.”
  7. Laundry Service When service members have short breaks between training and assignments, no one wants to spend that time doing laundry. On-site, affordable, fast laundry service should be standard. “He was only in town for two days. I refused to spend any of it messing with laundry.” Sequoya T. (Fort Benning)
  8. Access to Public Transportation When stations aren’t near social hubs, access to public transportation makes it more affordable to get to the fun! Even on station and in military towns, zip cars and other car share programs make running errands a breeze without the financial strain of car payments.
  9. Consistency This is something that most military housing gets right. Though consistent designs can seem mundane, many residents appreciate the,. “Towns built on a grid, knowing the specific dimensions of your housing in advance, just makes getting settled in a new place easier,” Tate T. (San Diego)
  10. Reliable Internet and Cell Reception When you have limited communication with loved ones, dropped calls, sound delays and pixelation are not an option. Beacons can improve functionality for older properties.