Vitality’s Success With Senior IQ

By on Aug 31, 2023 in Senior Living

We love speaking with our senior living clients to capture their journey using solutions in the Yardi Senior Living Suite. And this year, we’ve created quick, engaging testimonial videos to share those journeys with you.

Our latest batch includes two videos featuring Syndell Lawhon, vice president of wellness at Vitality Living. Covering Vitality’s success with Yardi Senior IQ, our dynamic business intelligence solution, both videos are packed with insights you don’t want to miss!

Read on for a snapshot of what you’ll discover in each video.

How Vitality Living’s journey began

Before Yardi, Vitality’s data was scattered across siloed solutions, requiring leaders to pull information and generate reports manually. Not only were these processes time-consuming, but they also prevented Vitality from unlocking insights regarding occupancy, falls and more. Not to mention, Vitality’s data wasn’t being updated in real time.

Leaders sought a business intelligence solution that would present up-to-date, business-wide data in a visual format — all in one place. That led them to Senior IQ, a trusted solution designed for the unique needs of senior living.

How Vitality unlocks actionable information with Senior IQ

In our 60-second video with Lawhon, you’ll learn how Vitality now gains actionable information at the click of a button. Presenting real-time data in customizable, sharable dashboards, Senior IQ ensures Vitality’s data is accurate and readily available — allowing leaders to get fast answers to specific questions. Lawhon shares how this equips teams to make important decisions that move the needle.

“The value for me is that we can make real-time changes to either resident care or staffing levels,” explains Lawhon.

Watch the 60-second video with Vitality.

How Vitality makes data-driven decisions with Senior IQ

In our two-minute video with Vitality, Lawhon shares more examples of the organization’s success with Senior IQ — expanding on the power of making data-driven decisions. As Lawhon explains, Vitality now has impactful, real-time data which helps teams make decisions that improve resident care, staffing levels, revenue and more. “It has impacted resident outcomes along with giving us a competitive advantage,” says Lawhon, describing the value of Senior IQ.

In the video, you’ll also see how leaving manual processes in the past — such as hand-keying data and sorting through spreadsheets — has saved Vitality’s staff a tremendous amount of time. Watch the two-minute video with Vitality.

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