Thrive with BI

By on Jan 4, 2022 in Senior Living

How can business intelligence (BI) software provide insightful data? Our resourceful infographic has the answers, painting a detailed picture of BI and its benefits. We’re here to share it with you.

Keep reading to discover why a BI solution like Senior IQ uncovers the information needed to make smarter, faster decisions — and drive growth in your communities.

Data scattered across siloed systems leads to incorrect, outdated information

Senior living business intelligence is crucial for today’s providers. But disparate systems don’t compare to a single connected solution.

And our infographic has the research to match. According to BI-Survey, out of companies drawing data from disparate sources, only 5% report having no significant problems.

A centralized business intelligence solution is key

By accessing data from a single and accurate source, senior living providers can steer their communities forward. But what are the specific benefits? How can a single connected solution transform your business? For starters, a centralized BI solution helps providers …

  • Streamline operations
  • Measure success
  • Save time
  • Minimize risks
  • Empower staff
  • Improve resident care

Not convinced? Take a look at the findings shared directly in the infographic. But while you’re here, we’ll point to a few:

  • 54% of enterprises say BI is critical or very important to their current and future strategies, according to Forbes
  • Finances Online reports that companies with CEOs that spearhead data-driven decisions are 77% more likely to achieve business goals
  • 64% of users reported that BI data helped improve their efficiency, says Finances Online

Transform your business with Yardi Senior IQ

Senior IQ is a single connected BI solution designed for the unique needs of senior living providers. With this specialized system, you’ll gain access to …

  • Real-time reports and dashboards
  • 450+ pre-configured KPIs plus custom options
  • Internal benchmarks and industry comparison data
  • Precise insights for presenting to investors or REITS
  • And more

Fully integrated with Yardi Voyager Senior Housing, Senior IQ ensures you never have to scrub for data again. Say goodbye to …

  • Digging through spreadsheets, reports and databases
  • Sourcing outdated or incorrect information
  • Investors and employees waiting for answers
  • Devoting hours to crunching numbers and preparing for meetings

Explore Senior IQ in action

We can talk about the benefits of Senior IQ all day, but there’s nothing like sharing our clients’ experiences. See why leading providers are prospering with our BI solution — and which features they’re finding most valuable.

Real-time insights:

“Yardi Senior IQ is fantastic because it establishes orderly workflows and creates new reports from existing ones, complete with custom dashboards,” shares Michael Bowles, project coordinator at Dial Senior Living. “Investors can get very specific information on demand without having to wait for us to send it.”

Complete drill down:

“Drilling into an individual community is huge for us — we love to look at a trended view of metrics that we’re worried about and see how we’re doing,” says Michael Schefter, chief financial officer at Cascadia Senior Living & Development. “This includes revenue, average daily census, expenses, move ins, move outs and our average level of care that we’re charting.”

Ready to thrive with BI?

Let’s work together. See how Yardi Senior IQ can help you lead with confidence, make strategic decisions and provide outstanding care in your communities.

Read our business intelligence infographic then get in touch with any questions. We can’t wait to get started.