Cascadia’s Success

By on May 26, 2021 in Senior Living

How does Yardi Senior IQ help senior living leaders streamline operations, save time and ensure data integrity? Here to share first-hand experience is Cascadia Senior Living & Development, a Yardi client operating 13 senior living communities — with new developments and expansions on the way.

Founded in 2013 and based in the Pacific Northwest, Cascadia manages senior housing properties with a focus on independent living, assisted living, memory care and respite care. With communities in Washington and Oregon, Cascadia provides excellent care in settings intentionally designed for interaction and engagement. 

To learn more about their journey with Senior IQ, we interviewed Chief Financial Officer Michael Schefter. He broke down Cascadia’s challenges prior to using Senior IQ — and how the solution led the company to success.   

The Challenge: Jeopardized Data

Cascadia was manually pulling data from disparate sources. With rapidly expanding communities and a larger pool of metrics, data integrity became a primary concern. The demand for accurate, high-level insights meant Cascadia needed a single connected solution to minimize risks, streamline operations and save time.  

The Solution: Yardi Senior IQ

Yardi Senior IQ is a business intelligence solution that surfaces real-time data in attractive,

sharable dashboards. Drawing portfolio-wide data from Yardi Voyager, the solution

provides pre-configured Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help visualize important

metrics and industry benchmarks. Senior IQ provides the insights needed to act

confidently and make smarter, faster decisions.

The Story: Real-Time Data, Precise Insights & Streamlined Operations

With Senior IQ as their BI solution, Cascadia’s data-pulling processes became automatic. No more devoting hours extracting raw data each month — manually searching for specific metrics, making calculations and transposing data into graphs and slide decks.

And by working with the Yardi team to build custom dashboards, Cascadia began targeting key metrics to evaluate their communities. This provides their teams and investors with precise insights at the click of a button.

“Drilling into an individual community is huge for us,” explained Schefter. “We love to look at a trended view of metrics that we’re worried about and see how we’re doing. This includes revenue, average daily census, expenses, move ins, move outs and our average level of care that we’re charting.”

The solution also helped Cascadia’s operations team, who didn’t have time to dig for data. With Senior IQ, team members can access the right insights and reports instantaneously. Schefter explained how this helps the team drill down important initiatives and align priorities.

“The biggest impact has been to our operations team,” said Schefter. “They’re constantly out in our communities, so they’re not in front of a computer all the time. Now, they can quickly bring up the dashboards we’ve built to see exactly how a particular community is performing. It’s been a big win for us so far.”

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