Rental Art

By on Aug 15, 2013 in News

Armstrong Place Community room. Photo by Tom Seawell, courtesy of

Armstrong Place Community room. Photo by Tom Seawell, courtesy of

Your community’s curb appeal is key in enhancing asset value. Location and price are still at the top of the most coveted amenities among urban apartment renters, yet creating an attractive atmosphere and relaxed background is critical as well. A safe and comfortable community that features an inspired design will  linger in the minds of prospects touring your property, and act as leverage when it comes to weighing housing options.

When prospects are first introduced to a community, they are very interested in the general vibe of the place, the looks and feels of the community. Once they become residents, they expect the same level of service and responsiveness, transforming ambiance into a retention driver that will help you keep your residents happy.

One way to ensure good design is by personalizing your properties with unique works of art. Whether it’s used to add aesthetic value to an office, recreational center, lobby, or living space, artwork can make a great difference in terms of visual appeal. Chosen with care, an intriguing painting can add edginess to a blunt room or transform a rigid setting into a welcoming place; it can make any area feel stylish, comfortable and complete.

Acknowledging the need for more affordable and customizable art services, several entrepreneurs in the creative sector have come up with a solution in the form of rental art. Innovative companies such as HangItUp Chicago offer unique paintings, designs, photography and sculptures to individuals and businesses for rent or sale.

Not only is rental art an economic option for those who seek to beautify and diversify spaces, it also allows businesses to rotate art pieces and alternate design schemes, keeping their professional environment ever-changing and exciting.

In conjunction with interior decorations, artwork can be used strengthen your brand image, stimulate productivity or convey a sense of community. It has a great impact on both residents and potential buyers as it creates a comfortable context that people can relate to. More often, artwork renders a community unique, promoting an organization’s identity and setting it apart from the others.

The benefits of leasing artwork are numerous. Businesses can enjoy exquisite art pieces by their favorite artists in their office, restaurant, hotel, staged home, or store without the pressure that comes attached to committing to a purchase. Moreover, rental art is a tax deductible operating expense.

“In today’s new ‘share’ economy, more and more consumers are choosing to rent products,” said HangItUp Chicago founder Amanda Bryan in a statement. “In addition, there is a certain amount of cache associated with showcasing the work of these local artists as you instantly become a patron of the arts in Chicago.”

Image courtesy of Art Leasing, Rental and Sales Hang It Up Chicago LLC

Image courtesy of Art Leasing, Rental and Sales Hang It Up Chicago LLC

Fully committed to nurturing local talent, HangItUp makes sure a portion of the rental fee goes straight to the artist. Customers can relish in the beauty of original works of art and feel good knowing that they are supporting the growing career of a skillful artist.

“Our mission is solely to promote and showcase Chicago-area artists,” Amanda added. “Our collection of artwork – by carefully selected emerging and established artists – is tightly curated and diverse, and includes oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, mixed media, photography and sculpture.”

On the same note, Creativity Explored, a San Francisco-based nonprofit art center and gallery has created strong bonds with various businesses through strategic partnerships that enable it to reach new audiences for the art produced in its studios and to generate income for its artists and the organization.

In an effort to reach out to the community and support local causes, they teamed up with several multi-housing operators, including AvalonBay Communities and BRIDGE Housing, to increase the public’s awareness of the talents of artists with developmental disabilities while energizing the living spaces with fine art installations. The concept has been well received by both prospects and residents, adding to the overall beauty and quality of the properties.

Creativity Explored offers a large array of art services, from publicity-building custom art to consulting and turn-key exhibition services.