Keep Connected

By on Apr 26, 2016 in News

With its 2016 theme, Keep Connected, the National Center for Assisted Living hopes to shine a sshutterstock_400516156otlight how technology can enhance the lives of senior citizens.

According to a 2014 Pew report, almost 3/4th of American seniors own a cell phone, and more than half are online. In fact, though older adults are typically late adopters, Pew discovered that once seniors join the online world, “digital technology often becomes an integral part of their daily lives.”

In recognition of the effect technology can have on the lives of older citizens, the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) announced the theme for National Assisted Living Week 2016 will be “Keep Connected.” Organizers hope the event, taking place September 11-17, will highlight how technology can improve the senior experience.

“With this year’s theme, we hope to help overcome the mistaken belief that seniors are not interested in or able to learn about the latest modern advancements,” explains NCAL Executive Director Scott Tittle.

shutterstock_170076605“At the same time, we want to recognize the many revolutionary ways staff are enhancing care through new innovative tools and broadening their connections with the larger community.”

For older adults transitioning into senior living, the physical distance from friends and family can be daunting. The disappearance of day-to-day contact with loved ones can leave retirees feeling isolated and alone, but that doesn’t have to be the norm. As programs like Sienna Senior Living’s Cyber Seniors prove, with a little coaching seniors can learn to use the latest apps and devices without difficulty. Laptops, phones and tablets empower older adults, helping to strengthen personal relationships and connect with us with the outside world.

For senior living businesses using the Yardi Senior Living Suite™, the value of a connected community is evident. From the beginning, Yardi Systems has provided innovative software solutions. The Senior Living Suite consolidates all aspects of senior living management into one single-stack platform.

RentCafe Senior Living™, the most recent addition to the Senior Living Suite, adds yet another level of functionality. With its online portal and mobile access, family members can keep track of all aspects of their loved one’s care, including the ability to view medication and activity logs and online bill pay. This easy access and information sharing ability boosts the entire resident care experience by enabling open communication between occupants, families, and staff.