RENTCafé Senior Living

An online portal that keeps residents and families connected

Set your communities apart from the competition by sharing the RENTCafé® Senior Living experience with your residents and their families – a single, online site for managing payments, reviewing health and wellness, communicating with care providers, and staying socially connected.

RENTCafé Senior Living helps drive customer satisfaction, leading to improved occupancy and boosted revenues.

RENTCafé Senior Living

RENTCafé Senior Living enables online access to payments, community events, health information, and the ability to enter service requests.

Product Highlights


  • Online Payments

    RENTCafé Senior Living gives residents or their responsible parties the flexibility to make online payments directly from their bank accounts, credit cards, or debit cards. Authorized users can view their current balance or statement history, make one-time payments, or sign themselves up for recurring automatic payments. Because RENTCafé Senior Living is integrated with the core Yardi Voyager® Senior Housing general ledger, all payment and financial information is updated in real time.

  • Personalized Information Sharing

    RENTCafé Senior Living includes online community bulletin boards, newsletters, and calendars help to communicate everything available to residents. Authorized family members can log in to see activities offered at the community and their loved one’s participation at such events. Integration with Yardi EHR even enables family members to monitor resident participation alongside health record trends, so they can be advised of potentially detrimental behavior patterns.

  • Online Service Requests

    Drive greater satisfaction with community facilities through RENTCafé Senior Living’s online service request portal. Web savvy residents or their concerned visitors can report problems and even track your maintenance team’s follow-up efforts right from their smart phones. Service requests initiated through RENTCafé Senior Living are directly integrated to the advanced maintenance modules and mobile apps of the Yardi Senior Living Suite.

  • Real-Time Wellness

    Residents and authorized contacts can view their personal health records through RENTCafé Senior Living’s secure, online portal. Fast and safe access to service plans, medications, vitals, and more help your clients stay informed about their health and the care you are providing them. Through direct integration with Yardi EHR, RENTCafé Senior Living enables one-on-one, private, health care related dialog between authorized resident contacts and your communities’ resident care providers.

  • Integrated Solutions

    Data flows seamlessly throughout the Yardi Senior Living Suite™, from initial contact with prospects all the way to move-out processing. Yardi Voyager® Senior Housing, Yardi EHR™, Senior CRM™, and RENTCafé Senior Living can unite your sales, resident care, accounting, and management operations on a common platform to maximize productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and boost revenue.

Key Features
  • Recurring or one-time payments for residents and their responsible parties
  • Direct payments from bank accounts or credit cards
  • Report and track community and facility issues online
  • Community bulletin boards, newsletters, and calendars
  • Secure communication directly between residents, families, and care providers
Key Benefits
  • Maximizes occupancy by enhancing the social connection between families, residents, and the community in which they live
  • Fosters happier and healthier residents through wellness program insight
  • Secure access to personal health information provides family members with peace of mind
  • Online capabilities such as direct payments and communication with care providers improve customer satisfaction