Honored for Innovation

By on Aug 3, 2015 in News

Yardi has been recognized for its self-storagISS BoB Best Technology Innovatione technology platform by Inside Self-Storage, an industry publication for storage providers. The company won the Best Technology Innovation category in the 2015 Best of Business awards.

It’s the latest honor for the company’s move into the self-storage business, which began in early 2014 with the acquisition of Salt Lake City-based Centershift.

Today, that product is part of Yardi’s Genesis2 offering, targeted directly to self-storage providers.

Genesis2 is the first single platform, device-agnostic, full suite solution, complete with robust accounting capability and customer management portals.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg, from an innovation standpoint, for Yardi in the self-storage market,” said Mark Smith, Director of Self Storage Marketing for Yardi. The company also offers platforms for the industry’s largest storage providers.

Yardi Genesis2 is designed for the property manager who wears every hat. Typically managing a small to mid-sized portfolio, they need comprehensive, mobile solution that makes juggling multiple tasks easier.

Lauded features include best-practice workflows, all-one-functionality, maintenance, insurance, payment processing, and tenant services.

Yardi Genesis2 is available today, and you can get more information here.