A STAR is Born

By on Oct 3, 2023 in Energy

October is Energy Awareness Month, which gives businesses and consumers lots of opportunities to learn about, adopt and promote energy-efficiency practices that reduce consumption and save money. First comes Energy Efficiency Day on Oct. 4. Even more opportunities come just a week later – on ENERGY STAR® Day, Oct. 11.

energy star for October energy awareness month

ENERGY STAR Day seeks to use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms to connect audiences, particularly underserved communities, to all the ways they can save with ENERGY STAR. The website for the program, which is administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), encourages partners, including Yardi, to “co-amplify the important message of energy efficiency and a clean energy future for all” with their own ENERGY STAR-tagged messages.

Other ways to participate in ENERGY STAR Day include community service and education projects.

By engaging all levels of employees in ENERGY STAR Day, employers can “provide valuable energy and money-saving opportunities … while enhancing your commitment to energy-efficiency, sustainability, and social responsibility,” EPA says.

ENERGY STAR Day’s focus on equity stems from a study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. It revealed that low-income households pay up to three times more on home energy costs than more affluent households, representing nearly 20% of their income. “Addressing this access disparity is a priority for EPA, and one we know we can address by working together with our partners,” the EPA says.

See how you and your organization can participate in ENERGY STAR Day and enable ENERGY STAR to amplify your energy-efficiency success stories.