Community Support

By on Jan 26, 2023 in News

In the face of inflation and rising costs of living, some affordable housing residents may struggling this year. Here are some creative ways to provide for families at your properties.

Community support for senior citizens and families in need

Residents could be struggling with rising grocery prices. Local food banks and kitchens are the best options. Create easily available resources, such as a website page or flyer posted in community common areas, letting residents know where they can find assistance with groceries. Many food banks provide healthy foods as well. Find a guide to local food bank locations here.

If your location allows, onsite community meals are another idea, which could be prepared with resident help or assistance from a non-profit willing to visit your location.

For families with small children, childcare assistance is available in many regions. Become familiar with local resources and regulations in order to best assist residents. Consider a weekly or monthly activity for children living at the community so that parents can have a short break. Refreshments, games, or a movie afternoon are easy ideas for potential entertainment.

Affordable healthcare is challenging to access for many, especially seniors who may have limited transportation options. Talk to local public health clinics and consider holding a quarterly mini-health assessment clinic. This can benefit all age groups. Many nonprofits help with health and wellness and are able to provide access assistance. If not onsite, a pickup/dropoff transportation service may be available, and you can share that information with residents.

Car services like Uber and Lyft can get very expensive. For residents who do not have a personal car, consider having a “taxi” service available for them for a moderate fee. This can benefit many who need to pick up prescriptions or do quick errands.

For residents who need access to technology, including high school students, include a community business center. Provide a few computers, printers, and copy machines with free WiFi during business hours. If providing computers is out of the budget, an accessible space with free WiFi connection will help families who need access to the Internet but may find a monthly payment cost-prohibitive. Keep the center stocked with coffee, tea, water, and snacks, and residents are sure to appreciate the effort.

Many affordable housing providers already provide these types of services and amenities with great results, such as Comunidad Partners in the Sunbelt. Want to share your community story? Email us at [email protected].

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