Garden Igloo

By on Oct 16, 2015 in News

For the people who love the outdooGIgloo1rs, but need to find shelter during the winter months, meet the Garden Igloo, a ‘stylish, winter garden, a play area for children, a greenhouse or a gazebo’.

This multipurpose geodesic dome, designed by Carla Isin Alemdar, offers a year-round, eco-friendly addition to backyards from all over the world. Imagine a sanctuary designed both as a winter garden and a summer canopy that not only protects you against bugs, but also against sudden inclement weather.

The dome is made from rust- and rot-free recyclable materials that don’t require regular maintenance (a moist microfiber cloth for cleaning the cover will do the job). What’s more, it doesn’t require any construction permits as its smart structure is easily assembled without the need for foundations. It can even sit on a patio.

The Garden Igloo is wind resistant thanks to its geodesic form, able to withstand the strong wind or lying snow conditions. Through its shape it can also maintain even temperatures inside (just what you need if you’re using it to grow plants), and makes the most of solar light because regardless of the sun’s position, the light is always transmitted at right angles throughout the day during GIgloo2all four seasons. It easily retains the heat absorbed from the sun shining onto the outer surface of the dome, which creates a cozy environment during the colder seasons. Moreover, the design allows circular air ventilation, with two window vents—for those days (almost gone for this year) when you want to let some air into the dome to let the plants breathe or enjoy the summer breeze.

The dome measures in diameter 141.73 inches with a base area of 393.70 inches and a maximum height of 86.61 inches. The package includes a standard frame (PVC struts, PA6 joints in white), an anchorage kit (10 metal clamps and plastic poles) with an installation manual and a winter garden cover made of transparent PVC. The Garden Igloo also has a neutral-colored summer canopy (available separately for purchase), to protect against the sun during the (sometimes) blistering heat of the summer season.

The dome gives a new meaning to the “personal bubble” concept and lets you take it to a whole new exterior decorating level. Place a table and a few chairs and you can have a mini patio; put a beanbag, a side table, a few potted plants and hanging planters and you’ve just built yourself an outdoor reading hangout or even a home office.

The price for the amazing dome is $1,027.35, while for the beige canopy cover and its additional parts adds another $398.82.