What (Not) to Say

By on Apr 17, 2015 in Marketing

You’ve explored how to get renters through the door. Now that the prospects have arrived for a tour, don’t sabotage your sale with conversational faux pas! Check out these ten conversational dos and don’ts that will help fast forward the conversion cycle.shutterstock_180983240

5 Convo Faux Pas That Will Kill Your Sales

  1. Assuming (Dis)likes “Our community has this great, retro feel that is really hip right now.” Maybe your clients aren’t hip and they certainly don’t “do” retro. You’ve just told them that the community isn’t right for them! Ask what your clients want and highlight those features in your community rather than making assumptions. Try: “You mentioned interest in mid-century architecture. Our units offer modern conveniences with plenty of mid-century charm.”
  2. Disrespecting the Competition “You’ve got to be blind to live in a place like Ivy Bluff. It’s so much more outdated than our property.” Humor is a tricky beast. If you don’t read a prospect’s humor right, your dismissive statement or joke about another property can seem unprofessional, arrogant, and make you look childish. Stick to being a cheerleader for your own property and you’ll be too busy to offend a client. Try: “These units were renovated last month.”
  3. Making Excuses “We haven’t replaced these carpets yet but our maintenance techs are so busy. You know how it is.” Rather than pointing out your property’s flaws and then excusing them, explain the plans to correct the problems. Try: “I apologize for the appearance of the carpet. It is scheduled for replacement this Saturday.”
  4. Conveying Wishful Thinking Like It’s The Truth “All three of you want adjoining units in our low vacancy community? I’m sure we can work that out.” Are you sure? If variables keep you from knowing a definite outcome, assure the prospect you will explore the options rather than making a promise that you can’t keep. Try: “I will try to block three units together. If not, I can look into having you three in the same building.”
  5. Making Ultimatums “The unit can be noisy but that’s what you’ve got to put up with for this great view.” Sacrifices don’t sound appealing to anyone. Present options and let the prospect decide which sacrifices they want to make. “Yes, this unit is noisier than the last unit that we saw together but you do get better views of the skyline.”

5 Statements That Will Boost Your Sales

  1. Anything “New” Most prospects want a home to feel like it was created for them instead of being a space that was leftover from someone else. Emphasizing new features can help prospects feel like the unit is a home where they can enjoy a fresh start.
  2. Anything Remodeled While new is nice, updates and remodels can be just as good. According to Zillow research, using the term “remodel” in a listing can increase sales by 1.5-2.9 percent.  The term “remodel” highlights the property’s willingness to maintain the site and keep residents happy.
  3. Luxury Using the word “luxurious” in a listing description can increase sales by 8.2 percent. Toss the word in during your tour to help prospects feel like they’re getting a product of great value.
  4. Convenient Don’t we all want little tips and tricks to make certain parts of our lives easier? Find out what daily challenges your prospects face—like a long commute or lack of play space for kids—and explain how your property can improve their lifestyles.
  5. “For You” Instead of referring to “our renters” or “our community members,” spell out how the individual prospects will benefit from what you have to offer. Make them feel like the new playground is for their kids or the spa has longer hours simply to accommodate them.