Think Outside the Box

By on Nov 29, 2023 in Marketing

Unconventional resident events can add a fresh and exciting dimension to a property management company’s community-building effort. The benefits of stepping outside the traditional event model will help to retain residents and attract new ones. Unique gatherings can strengthen the sense of community among residents. Here are some types of think-outside-the-box events to explore over the holiday season.

Outside rooftop in building

Spice up the community with Escape Room Challenges or Mystery Dinners. Transform common areas or vacant units into escape rooms where residents work together to solve puzzles and mysteries. Include a mystery dinner to solve the crime during the meal, then have residents go out and explore around the building. Add a scavenger hunt and have prizes at the end for the winners.

Plants and Pets. Plants are so good for the environment and cleanse the air around them. Arrange a gardening event where residents exchange plants, seeds or gardening tips. Microgardening is popular in smaller apartments, so maybe provide a small basil plant to start residents out with. Don’t forget about the four-legged residents. Look for a local pet mobile photographer for the holidays so residents can get their holiday cards made.

Culinary Adventures. Delve into the world of cooking classes as a resident event. Cooking classes can enhance residents’ culinary skills, foster connections and offer a fun and educational experience. Find a local chef or culinary expert to lead the classes and provide some sample recipes or themes for these classes. For example, set up some spaces in the common area to learn how to make fresh homemade pasta, which can be a romantic date night for those during Valentine’s Day. Another example would be to decorate holiday cookies together. Provide the cookies already baked, then have various colors of icing in pipping bags with different tips and, of course, sprinkles.

DIY Décor Workshops. Bring in some do-it-yourself (DIY) décor workshops for residents and explore the idea of teaching residents how to personalize and beautify their apartments. Explore DIY projects like wall art or crafting unique home accessories like dream catchers. Use a capturing phrase like “Don’t chase dreams; catch them,” and provide the materials for the catchers, which can be inexpensive from the dollar store, like feathers, tassels and rhinestones.

Mini Carnival or Fair Day. If the budget allows it, set up carnival games, food trucks and rides outside the property for a day of fun and excitement. Be creative and provide food trucks with fair foods such as funnel cakes, caramel apples and turkey legs. It can be a Renaissance theme and have face paintings for the kids and have residents dress up in their best Renaissance outfits and include some dragon decorations. If going for more of a traditional fair day, set up some ring toss games, balloon pops, or a creative spin the wheel for prizes.

Random Acts of Kindness Day. Spread some joy in the community by celebrating random acts of kindness. The world needs more kindness, and a great way to spread kindness is with fellow neighbors. Create a “chain of love” and provide residents who would like to participate with some strips of colored paper, a glue stick, a black marker and a protein bar (for energy). Give them a time frame for when to start, then have them write down any act of kindness they did for neighbors, friends or family or that someone did to them. Once the day is ready to link all the chains together, display the chain around the building. This builds long-lasting friendships and connections and is fun for all ages. Performing random acts of kindness will boost the overall atmosphere of the property and emphasize positivity. Remember, even just a smile can go a long way.

So, set your property management company apart from the ordinary and create memorable experiences to strengthen the community.