Streamline Leasing

By on Nov 21, 2019 in Marketing

Are you looking for a more efficient way to convert quality prospects into satisfied residents? Streamline the leasing process through integration and automation.

  1. Software Integration

Switching between independent leasing, management, and accounting programs ensures that your data will be incomplete or pocked with errors. At best, there is a lot of redundant data entry. Each distraction siphons time away from your staff’s resident care efforts.

Skip the drama with a web-based, fully integrated end-to-end platform. Select property management software that can seamlessly manage marketing, leasing, accounting, utility and maintenance data under one roof.

Learn how Cagan Management Group uses flexible, integrated software to simplify business operations.

  1. Automated Marketing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could tailor your marketing message to meet prospects’ needs? You can. What’s better is that you can do so through automation, which means that you don’t need staff engagement 24/7.

Automated nudge marketing, for example, delivers a targeted message to prospects based on their online behavior. You can encourage them to take the next step in the process, such as setting an appointment or completing an application. This can be done while your leasing office is closed.

ILS automation is another huge time saver that also helps you fill vacancies. Sourced from up-to-date information in your property management software, ILS automation updates your listings across multiple online rental sites. It makes sure pricing and vacancies are accurate without manual data entry at each site.

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  1. Tools that Empower Residents

Are you still making residents trudge down to the leasing office to pay the rent or file a maintenance request? You’re wasting their time and as well as your staff’s.

Skip data entry, check scanning and bank runs. Resident portals that offer online maintenance requests and online rent payments are more popular than ever. Such tools empower residents to pay their rent or jumpstart a maintenance event even when the leasing office is closed.

The internet is your leasing partner. Put it to work for you! Watch how Excelsior Group creates an online experience for residents that reduces staff workload.