Instagram Hyperlapse

By on Oct 20, 2014 in Marketing

If you haven’t looked into Instgram now is the perfect time to recoHyperlapse1nsider. Instagram has launched its standalone companion, Hyperlapse, to appeal to the Vine crowd without…well, the Vine crowd. Hyperlapse offers mobile video production that’s quick, simple, and eye catching. In other words, it’s just what you need to take your content marketing to the next level.

Hyperlapse helps mobile users create silent videos that are 15 seconds in length or fewer. This is more than double the video length available on Vine, allowing you to offer a fuller presentation of your content while maintaining your audience’s short attention span. Effortlessly create seamless video tours of a unit or longer videos showing what the surrounding community has to offer. It’s also a good tool for sharing clips from community events.

Anyone can create a good video with Hyperlapse thanks to the ultra-simple process: record up to 45 minutes of video, alter speed as needed, save, and share. Your staff won’t need a media degree or innate tech-savviness to operate the app. Hyperlapse is just that straightforward.

While simplicity is an excellent feature, it’s the quality of Hyperlapse videos that will really make your content stand out. Built-in image stabilization (via the phone’s gyroscopes) gives the videos a smooth, professional finish rather than looking like bumpy scenes from The Remaining. This app can potentially save you money. Create awesome videos with fewer calls to your professional videographer.

Prospective users will be glad to know that you don’t have to create a new presence on the app. It’s a pain to build and maintain a following on a new social media platform, especially when we don’t know which apps will be hot or not in the next six months. Hyperlapse cuts the drama by allowing you to share videos on existing Instagram or Facebook accounts. You can also save the videos on your phone so that you can share on another platform as needed.

While the app seems promising, Hyperlapse isn’t completely drama free. Check out Microsoft’s hyperlapse. Microsoft’s technology results in higher quality video. There is a bit of debate on whether Instagram’s Hyperlapse was “inspired” by Microsoft’s research but Instagram beat the powerhouse to the market fair and square.  Not surprisingly, Hyperlapse is not available for Windows phones.

There is also a bit of angst suffered among Android users who must settle for knock-off apps since Hyperlapse isn’t available via Google Play Store, either. It might not be available for quite some time. Instagram insists that Google must upgrade its phones’ cameras and gyroscope APIs before the app will be compatible.

In short, Hyperlapse is a must-have app that offers effortless video production but it’s only available for iOS users. C’est la vie.