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By on Jul 5, 2018 in Marketing

Many content creators are only getting one use out of blog posts. You are missing out on countless opportunities to get noticed by potential renters! Get more from your blog with repurposed content.

What Is Repurposed Content?

When you repurpose content, you’re finding different ways to tell the same story. Each new way that you tell your story may appeal to a different group of people.

For example, when you create a blog post, you tell the story to readers. You can tell that same story to visual learners using video on YouTube or pictures on Instagram.

By appealing to different types of learners (or different types of entertainment) you reach a greater audience. A broader audience increases your prospect pool and your potential for leads.

Below are a few ways that you can repurpose your blog content to reach new groups of prospects.

Master Infographics

Infographics are a great way to combine facts from your blog text with visual media. Infographics can be consumed anytime, anywhere because they are not hampered by audio access, buffering speeds, and data availability.

Many content creators love infographics because they don’t require photography, video, or illustration skills. Many programs allow you to drag-and-drop into templates to create fantastic infographics.

Try making your own free infographics using Venngage or Picktochart.

Curate an Instagram Slideshow

For a short blog post, you may only have one image. You can use that image to create an Instagram post, including a teaser excerpt for your blog post. (Unless you’re paying Instagram for clickable links within captions, be sure to put the link for your blog post in your bio.)

For multiple images on a blog post, create a slide show. Rather than several posts on the same topic, a slideshow allows you to tell more of your story at once.

Get details on how to create an Instagram slideshow in this Refinery 29 post.

Create a Video

Video content is king! On Facebook, users find videos to be 5x more engaging than photos. Creating a video combines the appeal of audio, video, and live action.

As a newbie content creator, making a professional-looking video can be challenging. Starting with the right equipment helps. A designated video camera or DSLR with video capabilities will give you the best video quality. Unfortunately, even with the right tools nothing beats experience and natural talent.

If you have neither experience nor natural talent, take classes! Your local Best Buy or Parks and Recreation Department likely offer public classes at low or no cost. Once you’ve got the skills, even a smartphone video can draw an impressive crowd.

Don’t let your content live and die on the blog. Give it new life—and greater potential—with repurposing.