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The Yardi Dubai office is full of spirit, energy and fun group activities. Office manager Oksana Goliak coordinates the office to meet up for regular friendly competitive group sporting events.

Yardi Dubai White Tigers

In 2021 they had a virtual climb of Mount Everest and had some skiing action for Ski Dubai. Then in 2022, they started the Yardi Sports League, which included cricket, badminton, football, and volleyball. Here is a look at some of their accomplishments of the past few years.

When the pandemic hit and most were on lockdown, Yardi Dubai started to include some virtual team-building activities. In 2021 the Dubai team virtually climbed the highest mountain peak, Mount Everest. Each team member logged their steps into a daily group log with a challenging goal of 230 km in seven days. Cycling activities were excluded. Watch the video here:

Next up in 2021 was Ski Dubai. The team gathered at an indoor skiing arena pictured here. Watch their outing here.

In 2022, Yardi Dubai started the Yardi Sports League and gathered for cricket, football, volleyball, and badminton throughout the year. Pictured below is the cricket match. Watch the video here:

Dubai Sports League: Football. Watch the video here:

Dubai Sports League: Volleyball and Badminton. Splitting into two teams, The Black Panthers and White Tigers. The Black Panthers won the badminton trophy, and the White Tigers won the Volleyball trophy.

Yardi Dubai Black Panthers
Yardi Dubai Black Panthers